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International Chocolate Partners

some chocolate from our International bean to bar partners


Ahhh AMEDEI Tuscany from Italy, how sweet you are! A world renowned chocolate maker with many fans, Cecilia Tessieri, founder of AMEDEI, is devoted to making the best chocolate. “Quality without compromise”.

Chocolate makers for over 20 years, they believe “The company’s development comes from hard work and professionalism pursuing excellent standards at the same time combining tradition and innovation.”

She has traveled the world to locate and purchase the best fine flavour beans in order to produce the best chocolate possible. Honing her skill over many years through training and development, she now uses her outstanding craftsmanship to create award winning bars. AMEDEI has been awarded the “Golden Bean” Award in the bean to bar category from the Academy of Chocolate.

The AMEDEI collection is large and we have hand picked an assortment to offer our customers a little bit of everything. Choose from blended, single origin, flavoured, in white, milk and dark chocolate bars.

AMEDEI puts in a little additional cocoa butter and vanilla to their bars resulting in a smooth mouth-feel every time and a sweetness to even the darkest bar. First time customers to the store who have had AMEDEI before are always thrilled to see it on our shelves!

Kad Kokoa

Kad Kokoa is a Thai Craft Chocolate Maker using locally sourced cacao beans from various regions in Thailand. Previously corporate lawyers, the husband and wife couple Nuttaya and Paniti chose to leave that life behind after spending time visiting farms, mountains and the countryside of Thailand.

Their mission is to promote Thai cacao beans and foster a new culture of Thai chocolate and bring it to the international scene. They currently work directly with four farms in four different regions of Thailand. Working directly and visiting farmers often Nuttaya and Paniti strive “to create a stronger local market and a trusting relationship”

Each region produces a different cacao bean flavour profile, so each of their single origin bars are distinctly different. Kad Kokoa also makes inclusion bars using single origin chocolate combined with locally sourced fruits, seeds and spices that honour the natural flavour of the cacao. Drawing inspiration from Thai foods and ingredients they have created interesting bars such as Milk Thai Tea and Salted Tamarind, a bar reminiscent of a popular sticky tamarind popsicle spiked with chili and salt. Welcome to the world of Thai chocolate!


A family business for generations, Chocolat Bonnat has been making chocolate confections in Voiron, France since 1884. But it was almost 100 years later in 1983 that they ventured into the chocolate making side of things working with single origin cocoa beans from parts of Asia and Africa; and investigating other countries as the search for more fine flavour, more rare, beans.

The chocolate is smooth and creamy and the bar size is large at 100 grams. Each bar is named for the region of the beans and currently we carry Venezuela origins as well as Ecuador dark bars. The dark milk bars are super interesting! Surabaya Indonesia has a smoky more intense flavour and the award winning Morenita Mexico bar is so creamy with notes of caramel.

Bars are soy and gluten free.

Dick Taylor

On the west coast of the US, Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate is making some amazing chocolate in their small factory in Eureka, California.

These two very talented guys, Adam Dick and Dustin Taylor, take the same approach to making chocolate as they do with making furniture. Yes, they do that too! Using raw organic cacao and sugar they take their time coaxing flavours from their single origin ethically sourced beans and the result is award winning chocolate that we are happy to have in our line up of outstanding bars.

If it is a single origin, plain dark bar you’re looking for, Dick Taylor has made award winning bars using cacao beans from Belize, Madagascar and Brazil. Using these wonderful bars as a starting point, they then add flavours like Vanilla Milk, Espresso, Fleur de Sel, Black Fig and Brown Butter Nibs & Sea Salt bars that are an amazing self indulgence or a fabulous gift for the discerning chocolate fan.

No gluten or soy in this chocolate.

FJÅK Sjokolade

Adding to our collection of International partners, FJAK Sjokolade (Chocolate) creates their small batch bars in a small factory located in Hardangerfjord, Norway. As the first bean to bar chocolate maker in Norway, owners Agur and Siv are hand crafting multi award winning bars and wowing the world with their creations! They started to experiment with chocolate in 2015, launched FJAK officially in 2017 and by 2018 the bars were deemed winners by the Academy of Chocolate and the International Chocolate Awards.

FJÅK is pronounced FEYAK and roughly translated means “honest” or “lovable”, a traditional expression from the Hardanger dialect people use to refer to each other. I think it describes their chocolate, packaging and ingredients perfectly. Their bean to bar chocolate is organic and ethically traded, their packaging is straightforward and minimal and they source Nordic ingredients for their inclusion bars.

If you’re looking for something new and unique in your chocolate, look no further. Ingredients such as waffles, brown cheese, blackcurrant and smoked salt are but a few of the additions to bean to bar chocolate bars to choose from!


Omnom Chocolate is based in Reykjavik, Iceland and was founded by Kjartan Gislason and Oskarr Poroarson in 2013. It began as a challenge to themselves – could they really understand how to make chocolate and do it?

Fast forward 5 years and many awards received, the World Finals 2018 (International Competition Awards), awarded Omnom the “best in Competition Overall Winner for their Milk of Nicaragua bar, and a gold in the category of Plain/origin milk bar.

Sourcing fine flavour beans and pushing the limits with flavour combinations to assess how the chocolate responds to various ingredients, they have developed a very interesting assortment of bars. The newest bar is Black N’ Burnt Barley – the blackest bar we have ever seen and it’s a WHITE chocolate!!! Another unique white bar is Lakkrids + Sea Salt for those who love liquorice with their chocolate.


Raaka Virgin Chocolate hails from Brooklyn New York. What’s virgin chocolate you might ask? Traditionally the first step in making chocolate is roasting the beans. Rakka skips this step, so their bars are made from un-roasted beans.

Why skip this step might be your next question. Because Raaka believes in the bold, fruity flavour of the bean and sees no need to alter that through roasting. The focus is on the flavours of the bean’s fermentation profile.

Suffice to say, these bars have bright flavour notes and when given the twist of flavour combinations from Raaka, the results are bars that are an incredible tasting adventure! Every recipe that is developed is inspired by the flavour of whatever bean is being worked with, and how the additions will enhance or bring forward those flavour notes already in the bean.

Raaka bars are vegan, gluten and soy free, certified organic and kosher. Just recently, Raaka added in bars that are also cane sugar free. Instead of the cane sugar, the bars are sweetened with maple or fruits. One is the Oat Milk bar made from Peruvian beans and maple sugar, and another is the Pure Cacao & Strawberry & Coconut 80% bar, made with beans from Tanzania and fruits. Another way to let the flavour of the bean shine! 


There are so many reasons to love zotter Chocolate from Austria! Bean to bar, fair trade, all organic ingredients. Craftsmanship developed over 30 years.

Family owned, the company started as Joseph with his wife Ulrike in 1987 and now has a team of 200, including their daughter Julia and son Michael.

Creative, whether it be in products, flavour combinations, or packaging, zotter is unique. It’s obvious in their flavour combinations; their presentation; and the way they describe their chocolate inspirations, that the family and team have a lot of fun in their chocolate world.

Their most unique bar – the Handscooped Bar – is also their claim to fame. Handscooped bars are filled chocolates. New flavours are available every month and so many to choose from it makes it hard to create a selection so we have decided to change it up every month! 

Plain bars range from Rice White (vegan) to 100% dark with lots in between.