Oh Canada! - Dark Milk

A collection of dark milk chocolate bars made by award winning Canadian chocolate makers!

McGuire Chocolate’s Big Booty Hank bar is a self declared smooth and creamy bar. The winner of a Bronze award at the 2019 Academy of Chocolate, this bar is made with direct trade cocoa beans from Nahua, Costa Rica. McGuire uses 52% cocoa for this bar, emphasizing the rich fruity flavour notes of the cocoa. The result is a mildly sweet, deep chocolate milk bar.

Finnia’s award winning Buttermilk bar is a creamy and decadent dark milk bar.  Made with Peruvian cocoa beans and 21% buttermilk powder it has a light sweetness unexpected in a high cocoa content bar. 

Sirene is very clear that this Dark Milk bar he created is NOT a milk chocolate bar…it’s a dark chocolate bar with milk added as a flavour. Interesting, right? The bar’s flavour predominantly comes from the cacao beans…a mix of Madagascar fruitiness and Guatemalan caramel notes. Such a lovely combination of flavours and recognized and awarded year over year by the International Chocolate Awards.

Hummingbird's Tumaco Dark Milk is 60% cocoa. A single origin bar with cacao grown in Columbia. This is a rich creamy bar with subtle notes of plum, whisky and honey.