Oh Canada! - Dark Milk

A collection of dark milk chocolate bars made by award winning Canadian chocolate makers!

McGuire Chocolate’s Big Booty Hank bar is a self declared smooth and creamy bar. The winner of a Bronze award at the 2019 Academy of Chocolate, this bar is made with direct trade cocoa beans from Nahua, Costa Rica. McGuire uses 52% cocoa for this bar, emphasizing the rich fruity flavour notes of the cocoa. The result is a mildly sweet, deep chocolate milk bar.

Finnia Chocolate's award winning Buttermilk bar is a creamy and decadent dark milk bar.  Made with Peruvian cocoa beans and 21% buttermilk powder it has a light sweetness unexpected in a high cocoa content bar. 

Sirene Chocolate is always working with new cacao! The Costa Esmeraldas  65% Dark Milk bar is one of the most recent we have received. This single plantation in Ecuador is owned and managed by the Salazar family, who are recognized for growing one of the best cacao flavours in the world. Enjoy this elegant cacao highlighted by the creaminess of milk.

Hummingbird Chocolate Tumaco Dark Milk is 60% cocoa. A single origin bar with cacao grown in Columbia. This is a rich creamy bar with subtle notes of plum, whisky and honey.