Welcome To The Dark Side

Pure cacao. Nothing else. That's what makes these bars. That's it, that's all. Not for the faint of heart but don't assume they are bitter! Many craft chocolate makers have included a 100% bar in their assortment in recent years for many reasons. Chocolate consumers have been asking more and more for sugar free bars and our makers aren't interested in using artificial sweeteners but instead selectively choose the right cocoa beans and use their maker's talent to create these lovely bars.

Desbarres Johnson Mountain 100%
Made with single origin organic cocoa beans from Bachelor Hall Estate in Jamaica. These beans have low acidity, deep chocolate flavour and subtle notes of tropical fruits. A smooth, rich chocolate and the winner of a Bronze award in 2020 from the Academy of Chocolate in 2020.

Qantu Chuncho 100%
Constantly seeking cocoa beans in Latin America with the purest cocoa flavour, Qantu has chosen beans from Ayachucho, Peru for their 100% bar. A unique and soft cocoa grown on wild trees over 60 years old, it has floral and nut flavour notes. A Gold winner at the Academy of Chocolate in 2018, this bar is intended for the chocolate purist.

Firetree Soloman Islands Guadalcanal 100%
The unique and complex flavours of this bar are teased out during a long, slow process of whole bean roasting. This drives out any bitterness to reveal a pure 100% cocoa flavour that will surprise the most refined chocolate palates. Flavour notes of dates and rich cocoa best enjoyed when the flavours are given time to develop, so take your time with this award winning bar by Great Taste, UK 2020.

ChocoSol 100% Gratitude
A bar for those avoiding all sugars and sweeteners but looking for great taste! This stone ground bar is from ChocoSol's Rustico collection. A full bodied flavourful bar made from their house blend chocolate.

Olivia Chocolate Raw 100%
Raw bean to bar chocolate made from unroasted cocoa with a creamy, smooth, organic cocoa nib taste where with this bar a small amount goes a long way! A uniquely intense and soft taste yielding defined, complex flavours that will mellow with age. This bar brings a bold, astringent-free chocolate at 100%!

all bars are gluten, soy, dairy, and nut free.