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Bean to Bar

It's the chocolate that we love and write about here!

We prioritize fine flavour chocolate made by skilled artisans whose chocolate is crafted from cacao grown with care.

Cacao grown with attention to flavour quality that, in the hands of these skilled chocolate makers, becomes craft chocolate with distinctly different, and much better flavour and texture than mass produced chocolate.

This chocolate will forever change your perception of what chocolate should taste like!

Yes and sometimes even better, the chocolate is Direct Trade. This means that the chocolate makers have a direct and transparent relationship with cacao farmers.

These chocolate makers want to buy  high quality and flavourful beans (quality vs quantity) and will pay more for these beans.

We retail Hummingbird Chocolate and Olivia Chocolat, who are the two bean to bar chocolate makers in the Ottawa area. We focus on Canadian chocolate makers and as such, we carry artisan chocolate that is made anywhere from Newfoundland through to British Columbia. We do not make our own chocolate.


Chocolate is naturally gluten free so we are able to offer many brands that are gluten free. Many of the chocolate makers we partner with are making bars with simply cacao and organic cane.

For confirmation, please call us during open hours: 613 435 7722.

In store we also carry a gluten free collection of truffles and caramels by Gem Chocolates as well as other brands of bars not currently available online.

Yes we do! Most our dark chocolate bars are dairy free and our Collection: Oh Canada Dark includes dairy free/vegan bars.

In the store we carry many other vegan options from Hummingbird Chocolate, SOMA Chocolatemakers, Desbarres Chocolate, Palette de Bine, Sirene, Olivia Chocolat, Raaka, ChocoSol Traders, and Firetree.

Yes we do! Current nut free options include the chocolate makers: Olivia Chocolat, Palette de Bine, ChocoSol Traders, Sirene and Raaka. All of these bars state on their packages and ingredient lists that their bars are completely nut free.

Please contact us to direct order a selection of our nut free, bean to bar chocolate over the phone.

Yes it is! The chocolate makers we work with do not use a sugar replacement and instead create bars that are 100% cacao, no sugar added, no sugar replacement used. Customers usually say “won’t that be bitter???” and we reply with, “no, these bars are just intense chocolate!”

Check out 100% bars by Sirene, Qantu, Firetree, Olivia, Palette de Bine, Desbarres and Raaka.


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We ship across Canada (with Canada Post.)

Shipping Page

In-store pick-up is always available for your chocolate orders through this website. 

During the summer, receive a complimentary cold-pack when you come to the store.

In The Store

Our collection is ever evolving and the chocolate makers who we work with are continually coming up with new bars and using different beans, so it’s difficult to guarantee our range at any specific time. Here we list our Canadian Chocolate Makers and here: our International Chocolate Makers.

If you are interested in more information about what we carry in store or would like to order bars that are not on the website, please just contact us.

And will you ship them? Yes! We’d be happy to send you whatever you are interested in. Please contact us with your request and we will confirm product availability and shipping details. Payment can be made over the phone with credit card.

Storing Chocolate

That depends on who you ask! Generally speaking, when stored properly, dark chocolate bars are best before 2 years; milk chocolate bars are best before 1 year and bars with inclusions (fruits and/or nuts) are best enjoyed between 6 months to a year. Many quality bars have “best before” dates, not “bad after” or expiry dates.

You can but it’s not necessary. If you do, keep in mind that chocolate absorbs aromas so keep it sealed and away from any food items that wouldn’t work well with chocolate :) Chocolate kept at room temperature will be fine and retain its flavour for a long time.

More Questions?

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