Bean to Bar Chocolate

photo of cocoa beans and some bean-to-bar chocolate pieces

Not sure what chocolate made 'bean to bar' actually means? It’s the exact opposite of Industrial Chocolate.

The term refers to chocolate that is crafted directly from the cocoa bean, often produced in small batches and primarily by artisan chocolate makers. The cocoa beans used are those of fine flavour, rather than bulk beans, sourced by the chocolate maker. 

When you choose 'bean to bar' chocolate, you are choosing to fully appreciate the inherent taste of the cocoa bean. While one of only 2 to 4 ingredients, the bean is the first factor in excellence.

The geographical location matters along with the appropriate earth, soil care and micro-climate. Quality is also determined by the experience, passion and ingenuity of the cocoa farmer. They are guardians of nature's unfolding.

The second consideration for discerning taste is the traditional and skillful steps taken by the chocolate maker. This is about elevating the cocoa's own character and is usually done in small batches. Always about pure ingredients and the artistry that brings us the cocoa bean's complex flavour profile.

Chocolate ambassadors say there are two ways to truly appreciate real chocolate. Both ways encourage you to make time and space in your day to be amazed, delighted and, well, blown away by the flavours. You could be wonderfully alone so that there's nothing but you and the chocolate, or this could be an informal / formal gathering of people you choose to share with.

Collect together 3 or 4 bars of 'bean to bar'. Compare similar categories; for example, choose all 70% bars or at least all 'single origin'. Slow the pace down and employ all 5 senses to explore the bar. Once you have inhaled the aroma and 'snapped' small pieces to try, allow the chocolate to melt in the mouth and release the magic.

For your first time: choose our Taster Box or one of our Collections to be delivered to your home.

However you enjoy your chocolate - remember: bean to bar is good for you. It has less of 'those ingredients' and more healthful attributes!