The Ultimate Milk Collection

There's something about a well crafted milk chocolate bar that is undeniably a little piece of heaven. We're not talking candy bars here. We're talking bean to bar hand crafted milk chocolate bars with a higher cocoa content for rich chocolate notes. 

Zotter Labooka Caramel bar is a rich slightly sweet milk bar with caramelized milk, a high cocoa butter content, and a sprinkling of vanilla and cinnamon. Flavour profile of a caramel biscuit with milk and cinnamon.

Finnia's Mexico Milk  bar is a rich dark milk bar with 51% cacao with high cocoa butter content, giving it a creamy texture and caramel like taste. Natural flavour notes of hazelnut and citrus combined with caramel.

SOMA Chocolate Maker's Starry Nightis made with Dream Machine, a buttery, creamy milk chocolate create by blending various cacao origins. Crunchy sea salt from  the Newfoundland Salt Company makes for a perfect sweet and salty bar.

The classic Italian combination of milk chocolate and hazelnuts is AMEDEI'S TOSCANO NOCCIOLA bar! Using Piedmond Hazelnut roasted in house combined with AMEDEI's signature milk chocolate this is a perfect crunchy, nutty milk chocolate bar.

Hummingbird Dark Milk 60% is a single origin cacao from Columbia and referred to as Dark Milk due to the high cocoa content. This bar has sweet notes of plum and honey and a creamy, dreamy texture!

BAIANI Chocolate in Brazil is a tree to bar maker, meaning they are they own the cacao farm, manage it and the growth of the trees, and then use those beans to make their own bars! The Brazilian Capucino 65% is made by blending their white milk chocolate with their signature 65% Dark and a speciality coffee inclusion in a unique way to create a great chocolate sensory experience! (please note - this bar replaces the Coffee Break bar in the photo)