The Ultimate Milk Collection

There's something about a well crafted milk chocolate bar that is undeniably a little piece of heaven. We're not talking candy bars here. We're talking bean to bar hand crafted milk chocolate bars with a higher cocoa content for rich chocolate notes. 

Dick Taylor's Vanilla Milk Chocolate is 55% Brazilian cacao with the addition of A2/A2 whole milk and Madagascar Vanilla Beans. The result? A creamy, rich slightly sweet dark milk bar.

Finnia's Mexico Milk  bar is a rich dark milk bar with 51% cacao with high cocoa butter content, giving it a creamy texture and caramel like taste. Natural flavour notes of hazelnut and citrus combined with caramel.

Desbarres Monte Grande Milk Chocolate with Sea Saltis made with Guatemalan cacao and has lovely notes of honey and caramel. The additional of milk makes this a creamy sweet bar and with addition of Newfoundland sea salt makes for a perfect sweet and savoury bar.

The AMEDEI Toscano Brown bar was the first milk bar made by AMEDEI. It's the milk chocolate you remember from childhood. Sweet, creamy, with a soft melt and vanilla like flavours of milk and cream. 

Who can resist browned butter? Sweetness Browned Butter bar is the bomb!  Honduras cocoa with natural caramel and almond flavour notes provides the base for this 60% dark milk bar. Browned butter is added along with sea salt and vanilla for an amazingly smooth and very flavourful milk bar.

Ch'abil by Sirene Chocolate is the highest coca content in this collection. Guatemalan cacao and Guatemalan cardamom are partnered to create this very unique bar with added cocoa nibs for crunch.