The Ultimate Dark Collection

Enjoy a collection of plain and flavoured dark chocolate bars from award winning chocolate makers from Canada and internationally.

Dick Taylor's Fleur de Sel 73% Dark bar is made with a blend of Madagascar and Brazilian cacao sweetened with Brazilian cane sugar. A sprinkling of hand-harvested Fleur de Sel sea salt from Bitterman Salt Co. gives the bar a subtle and delicate finish.

Señor Hankito by McGuire Chocolate is a 70% dark bar made with cacao from Adioesmac Cahabón, Guatemala with notes of fudge and red fruit. This fruity bar is then spiced up with the legendary local spice of the same area - the cobanero chili pepper. Winner of an International Chocolate Award in 2020, it's a spicy piece of grit!

Quantu Chocolate's Chaska  70% bar is a single origin Peruvian cacao, grown in the majestic mountain area of Junin. The rose aromas hit the nose when you open the bar, followed by flavour notes of fig and dates. The winner of the 2020 Golden Bean Award by the Academy of Chocolate, this bar will delight you!

Interesting in texture and filled with flavour, The Sweet and Salty Canadian by Finnia Chocolate is a 60% dark bar sweetened with Canadian maple sugar, no cane sugar added, and then generously sprinkled with pure maple flakes to add crunch and sweetness.

A customer favourite, Jaguar Swirl is the masterpiece of ChocoSol Traders. The bar's base is the ChocoSol Vanilla Sea Salt bar. The unique flavour of the albino Jaguar cacao is then swirled into the bar creating a taste and textural experience thats is WOW!

Desbarres Chocolate got their hands on cocao beans from Bachelor's Hall Estate in Jamaica - no small feat - and have made them into this rich, velvety smooth 72% dark bar - Johnson Mountain. These beans are fermented on site and unmatched for quality. With subtle tropical fruit notes and deep dark chocolate flavour, this bar is a smooth and mellow chocolate.