The Ultimate Dark Collection

Enjoy a collection of plain and flavoured dark chocolate bars from award winning chocolate makers from Canada and internationally.

Dick Taylor's Espresso bar starts with an exclusive blend of Belize, Madagascar and Guatemalan cacao for a base of somewhat fruity flavours that highlight the exceptional flavour of Owl's Head espresso from Sightglass Coffee. A balanced, silky smooth bar.

Hummingbird, Ottawa's local, award winning chocolate maker, has partnered with Fultons to create the Maple 65% bar. Sweetened with maple sugar in lieu of cane sugar, it adds a hint of maple flavour to the very chocolately Ghana cocoa.

Quantu chocolate is made in Montreal by Maxime and Elfi. This dynamic duo started making bean to bar chocolate in 2017 and in 2018 were quickly recognized as masters of their craft, with all of their single origin bars earning Gold Awards by the Academy of Chocolate! The Bagua bar included in this collection is 70% Peruvian cacao with tasting notes of caramel and orange blossom.

Sirene's Fleur de Sel 73% Dark bar has had a recent change. The cacao is now from Uganda where Semuliki is working with over 1000 family cacao farms to increase income and control the flavour quality of the beans through improved fermentation and drying processes. The bar has a sweet tangy flavour furthered accentuated by the addition of fleur de sel.

And if we include a salted bar, it's only right we include a dark pepper bar in the collection! The Bejofo estate in Madagascar grows both cacao and spices, including pepper, and often combine the two for some interesting bars. AKESSON'S Pink Pepper 75% Dark Madagascar is a fruity, sweet, tart bar with notes of citrus and red berries that are enriched by the floral notes of the pink pepper.

Marou's Ba Ria 76% Dark single origin bar is made with cacao grown in the family owned farms in the province of Ba Ria, Vietnam. This bar is packed with flavour - a bold, fruity bar with hints of spice and smoke. A symphony of flavours!