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Taster Box

Discover the World of Chocolate with one of our Tasting Boxes!
Everything you need to conduct your own chocolate tasting.

Learn how to taste chocolate and take an in depth look into its unique flavours by tasting and comparing 4 different bars. Each bar is made with cocoa beans originating in different parts of the world and made by a different chocolate maker. The origin of the bean influences the flavour of the bar, as do the chocolate maker’s techniques. You will be amazed at how unique each of these 70% dark chocolate bars taste.

This limited edition box contains Hummingbird’s Tumaco bar, Dick Taylor’s Belize bar*, SOMA’s bar made with beans from the Creole Gardens in Haiti* and the Tien Giang Vietnamese bar by Marou.

 Enjoy your discoveries!

Bean to Bar Chocolate: 4 extraordinary bars

When your Taster Box arrives, create time and space to truly taste these bars. Compare this bean-to-bar chocolate and note how the makers elevate the extra-ordinary taste inherent in quality cocoa beans.

Here are 4 curated chocolate bars to consider the complex flavours created by various chocolate makers in Canada and beyond.

When you choose bean-to-bar chocolate, you are choosing to fully appreciate the inherent taste of the cocoa bean. The geographic location, the micro-climate and the farmer's care will begin the flavour profile. The skill and artistry of the chocolate maker then elevates the particular bean's flavour notes.