Akesson's Single Plantation Chocolate


Madagascar 75% Criollo Dark Chocolate
A very limited quantity of Criollo cacao beans are grown on the Bejofo Estate, and these fine flavour beans give this bar remarkable smooth citrusy-fruity notes.
Brazil 75% Forastero Cocoa & Coffee Nibs
The Fazenda Sempre Firme cocoa plantation in Bahia, Brazil produces astonishingly wonderful Forastero cocoa with rich expressive flavour notes of wood and pitanga, a local fruit. Combined with the Brazilian Bourbon coffee nibs with notes of honey and malt, it's perfect match.
Madagascar 75% Trinitario Cocoa & Pink Pepper
Pepper in many varieties is grown on the Bejofo Estate, right alongside the cacao beans. This pink pepper has floral flavour notes that enrich the fruity, sweet, tart flavour of the Madagascar cacao.
Madagascar 75% Trinitario Cocoa & Black Pepper
Madagascar black pepper is known for its flavour notes of fresh pine and spice. Grown on the same plantation, the Madagascar cacao is united with the pepper for a fine spicy bar.
Brazil 100% Forastero Cocoa & Cocoa Nibs
Forastero cacao is commonly known as "bulk" cacao, with strong chocolate flavour notes, however there are plantations growing a more flavourful Forastero bean and Fazenda Sempre Firme is one of them. This chocolate has woody and earthy flavours, with some notes of tobacco and fruit. Add the cocoa nibs for crunch and you have a strong 100% bar with texture and loads of flavour!
Madagascar 100% Criollo Cocoa
Criollo cacao is a high quality bean, with lots of interesting flavour notes and low bitterness. The perfect bean for a 100% bar! This criollo is from Madagascar, noted for its citrus and red berry flavour, adding some tart sweetness to the bar. This bar is one of the most popular 100% bars at our store.