Baiani Chocolate Brazil


NEW!!!We have just recently added the Baiani bars to our collection and are amazed with the flavour combinations and the quality of these makers! Their chocolate is beyond bean-to-bar, it's tree-to-bar, which means the chocolate makers are also the farmers who are planting and caring for the trees. All Baiani bars are made from Brazilian cacao grown on their farm.

CASCARA 56% Dark Chocolate
It has been discovered recently that coffee husks (Cascara), like cacao, are a major source of anti-oxidants. Pairing them, Baiani has come up with a recipe that has a sensory ride in texture and taste, full of fruity tanginess!

DARK MILK Chocolate 57%
This is a multi award winning bar, including Gold from the Academy of Chocolate in 2020. An intense milk bar due to the high cocoa content of beans grown at Baiani farm in Bahia Brazil.

CAIPIRINHA 65% Dark Chocolate
In this exotic bar Baiani infuses cocoa nibs in Brazilian aged cachaça for 30 days. Cachaça is a popular distilled spirit in Brazil, made with fermented sugarcane juice. The cocoa beans are the dehydrated, made into chocolate and combined with lime zest and sugar. A true Brazilian flavour! 

Passion fruit s one of the most appreciated fruits in Brazil, so Baiani decided ro explore a pairing with chocolate. Caramelized demerara sugar mixed with dehydrated fresh fruit pulp gives this bar a crunchy texture and a sensory ride!

Cappuccino is a favourite coffee recipe worldwide and the inspiration for this bar. Blending their own white milk chocolate with their 65% dark and a speciality coffee inclusion, Baiani has created their unique take on cappuccino.

BRAZILIAN COFFEE 70% Dark Chocolate
There are so many similarities between cacao and coffee, making the flavour pairing a natural. Baiani's Coffee bar gets a Special Coffee Inclusion with Gran Reserva organic coffee that creates a unique blend of delicate , almost floral notes.  Latitude 13's farms are located in the high altitudes of Chapada Diamantina, Bahia, Brazil.

LIME AND CHILLI NIBS 70% Dark Chocolate
Chili represents a profound culinary tradition in Bahia, so Baiani felt compelled to make a bar with it! Cacao nibs are combined with lime and chilli juice and made into a bar with an exotic flavour combination to excite your senses!

ORANGE ZEST 70% Dark Chocolate
Oranges grow in abundance in Brazil, so the classic combination of chocolate and orange couldn't be left out of Baiani's collection of bars.  No infusions, essences or dried fruit are used to make this award winning bar. Only fresh orange zest is combined with the chocolate for the perfect balance of flavours.

BOLD DARK 70% Dark Chocolate
This bar has been recognized with awards from Bean to Bar Brasil, the NW Chocolate Festival (US) and the Academy of Chocolate in the UK. And it's the bar that inspired Baiani to go ahead and create their line of bars. The classic 70% recipe gets a twist with two different roasting profiles of the same cacao, showing how different roasting profiles are so important to the final flavour.