Chocolat Bonnat Voiron France


Morenita Mexique 65% Milk Chocolate
The rare cacao beans used in this bar are lighter colour, producing a bar caramel in colour with floral and spicy flavour notes.
Java "Indonesie" 65% Milk Chocolate
One of the bars in Bonnat's Grand Crus collection, this dark milk bar is created with cocoa beans from Java, that are dried over an open fire. This drying method gives the milk bar a slightly smokiness throughout with subtle notes of nuts. 
Puerto Cabello, Venenzuela 75% Dark Chocolate
A buttery smooth bar with waves of citrus, menthol and a warm cinnamon finish. (not shown in photo)
Hacienda El Rosario 75% Dark Chocolate
A creamy smooth dark chocolate with flavour on the sweet side. A hint of spice, a little bit of pepper are natural flavours of this Venezuelan cacao.
Equateur 75% Dark Chocolate
Earthy flavours typical of Equadorian cacao, a subtle and delicate aroma and floral flavours with a hint of honey in smooth rich cacao. 
Los Colorados 75% Dark Chocolate
Created with a rare cacao harvested by Tsachilas Indians, this single origin bar is part of the Bonnat Cru collection. A smooth sweet bar with both fruity and floral notes.
Cuba 75% Dark Chocolate
A single origin bar with cacao beans from the eastern part of the island in the Baracoa region, Bonnat under roasts the beans to preserve the floral notes and produce a bar that slowly releases its flavour as it melts.

All bars are 100g, gluten and soy free. Dark bars are dairy free and kosher-pareve.