Chocosol Traders


Turmeric Ginger 65% Cacao
Dark chocolate lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar and spiced by turmeric and ginger for a bar that is perfect for the chocolate lover as well as those looking for a bar with the powerful healing properties of cacao, ginger and turmeric.
Coffee Crunch 65% Dark
From the Rustico collection of bars at ChocoSol, this bar is created with Oaxacan coffee beans embedded in the sweet chocolate for a crunchy natural pairing of chocolate and coffee.
Vanilla Sea Salt 65% Dark
Part of the Rustico collection, the Vanilla Sea Salt bar is a light, sweet chocolate with raw vanilla and sea salt, satisfying both the milk and dark chocolate fans!
Mon Cherry D'Amour 65% Dark
This Special bar is made with the Vanilla Sea Salt 65% bar, Quebec sour cherries soaked in organic apple juice, and is a major crowd pleaser! Tangy, sweet and cherries in every bite!
Kakai + Cacao 65% Dark
A unique bar made with Ontario grown kakai pumpkin seeds roasted in maple syrup and sea salt glaze. The combination is a sweet dark bar with crunch and limited availability, so get it while you can!
Jaguar Swirl 68%
The beauty of the albino cacao swirled into the dark cacao, the sweeter than expected flavour and the somewhat gritty texture of the stone grinding is a unique combination and a sensory experience! Limited quantities.
Jaguar Pure 75% Albino Cacao
Albino cacao beans are white, found in Central and South America, and referred to as Jaguar beans. described by Chocosol as "rich, nutty and entirely unique in flavour", this is a bar not to miss out on! Limited quantities.
5 Chili Bullet 75% Dark
A Rustico bar with kick! ChocoSol's own blend of spices and sea salt are added to the 75% stone ground chocolate giving us a spicy, slightly crunchy, dark bar.
Darkness 75% Dark
A ChocoSol blend of cocoa beans, this Rustico bar is a classic. Dark, decadent, flavourful and sure to satisfy. Finished with a whole cocoa bean.
Jaguar Crunch 80% 
Jaguar Pure with a twist! Roasted white cacao sprinkled generously with fresh roasted red cacao nibs for a dark, rich crunch added to the velvet smooth jaguar chocolate. If you love Jaguar Pure, this bar will be the new bar for you. 
NEW!!! Bird Sanctuary 85% Dark
There's a private reserve in the Dominican Republic that grows and sells cacao beans in order to fund the 1000+ acres of land that is a bird sanctuary for the Zorzal de Bicknell. The Zorzal is a rare and endangered migratory songbird native to Quebec and Vermont that makes its home at the sanctuary during the winter months. ChocoSol uses the Zorzal cacao for this bar, sweetened with Canadian maple and a touch of sea salt to celebrate the thrush migration!
Forest Garden Vanilla 88% Dark 
A stone ground bar from ChocoSol's Rustico line, this dark bar is given some vanilla sweetness and cocoa nib crunch. 
NEW!!! Cacao Symphony 90% Dark
This bar is a blend of all ChocoSol single origins all in one. Made with 90% origin blend cacao and maple sugar for sweetener, this bar is the result of ChocoSol's team exploration and tasting of each ChocoSol cocoa varietals. A beautifully balanced bar!
100% Gratitude Dark
Purely cocoa! No sugar or sweeteners in this bar! 

All bars are 75g, vegan, nut, gluten and soy free, organic cacao