Debarres Bean to Bar Chocolate

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Raspberry Cordial
The combo of tart raspberry and lemon is delightful with the single origin Dominican Republic with notes of red berries.
Black Pepper Cardamom
Inspired by chai spices, the deep earthy flavour of the Tanzanian cocoa bean is spiced with black pepper and cardamom to create a multi award winning bar.
In our opinion, one of the most interesting flavour combinations in our assortment. The honey and caramel notes off the Monte Grande cacao with the flavourful addition of saffron results in a bar that is rich and deep.
Pefferlaw Maple Creek
A subtle and rich chocolate. 72% dark chocolate sweetened with maple sugar from Desbarres local maple farm. A sprinkling of maple sugar on the back of the bar adds to the maple flavouring in the chocolate.
NEW!!! Semuliki Forest, Uganda 72%
A very distinctly flavoured bar! Cacao beans form Western Uganda this bar flavour notes include warm spices, jammy plum and mulled wine. 
Monte Grande, Guatemala 72%
A creamy, smooth, rich and sweet single origin bar with notes of honey, caramel and red fruit.
Johnson Mountain,  Jamaica 72%
We are so excited to add this new bar to the Desbarres line up! The cacao is from Bachelor Hall in Jamaica and these beans are rich with chocolate and tropical fruit notes.
Maya Mountain, Belize 72%
Maya Mountain Cacao was the first exporter of fine quality beans from this region. A bright sweet chocolate with notes of tropical fruit and honey.
Kilombero, Tanzania 72% 
This is one of those bars that needs to be a basic in your bean to bar chocolate cupboard! We love Tanzanian cocoa beans and what Desbarres does with them. Creamy, caramel flavour notes and a smooth slow melt that releases a light citrus taste. Multi award winning this bar is enjoyed on its own, with coffee and our favourite pairing, red wine. 
Kilombero, Tanzania 88%
Similar to the 72% but bolder! Notes of rich cocoa and hints of coffee.
Dominicana, Dominican Republic 72%
This bar leans more on the fruity side with notes of raisin and cherry within a deep chocolate.
Ambanja, Madagascar 72%
Madagascar beans from Bejofo Estate, long known for producing excellent flavour beans as well as growing a variety of spices. This bar has the classic flavour of Madagascar beans with notes of red berries and citrus.
Ambanja, Madagascar 85%
Beans from the same origin but a bar with less sugar and more intense fruity notes! 
Johnson Mountain, Jamaica 100%
An award winning bar, this is a deep dark chocolate! The Bachelor Hall estate cocoa beans are the ideal choice for a 100% bar, as they have low acidity, deep chocolate flavour and subtle notes of tropical fruit.

All bars are 38g, dairy, soy and gluten free.