Dick Taylor, California


NEW!! Vanilla Milk Chocolate 55%
Starting with the highets quality Brazilian cacao and the best old fashioned A2/A2 whole milk from Alexandre Family Farm, a creamy milk bar has been crafted. It is then highlighted with the very special addition of Madagascar Vanilla beans.
NEW!! Hazelnut Milk Chocolate 55%
Delicately roasted Oregon hazelnuts have been paired with the exceptional milk chocolate made from earthy Brazilian cacao and old fashioned A2/A2 whole milk from Alexandre Family Farm.
Espresso 68% Dark Chocolate
An exclusive blend of chocolate was created for this bar. Belize, Madagascar and Guatemalan beans with a hefty dose of Owl's Howl espresso resulting in a silky smooth, balanced bar.
Madagascar 72% Dark Chocolate
Cocoa from AKESSON's plantation, a single estate Madagascar cacao farm that produces amazing beans with citrus and berry notes. This bar has notes of orange and raisin.
Belize 72% Dark Chocolate
Beans for the co-op Maya Mountain Cacao in the region of Toledo, the Belize bar is a customer favourite! Notes of dried plum, tart cherry and jasmine. Love it!
Black Fig Madagascar 72% Dark Chocolate
Dark, rich California black figs sprinkled throughout the Madagascar 72% dark chocolate.
Candied Almond 73% Dark Chocolate
The Northerner Blend of Brazil and Madagascar beans, with finely chopped California almonds candied with sugar and cinnamon throughout is a wonderful pairing of flavours.
Brown Butter, Nibs & Sea Salt 73% Dark Chocolate
The Northerner Blend is paired with Browned Butter from the Humboldt Creamery and then hand sprinkled with cocoa nibs and sea salt. Crunchy and creamy!
Brazil 75% Dark Chocolate
The flavour notes of this Brazilian cocoa from the Fazenda Camboa estate are highlighted to deliver a bar with notes of honeysuckle, fresh grape and walnuts.

All bars are 57g gluten and soy free