Finnia Chocolate, Manitoulin Island


Manitoulin Mint White Chocolate 49g
This limited edition bar was a big hit at the 2019 Ottawa Chocolate Show! The varieties of mint were grown on Manitoulin Island and include peppermint, chocolate mint, apple mint and others. Combined with cocoa butter, milk powder and cane sugar, to make this an incredibly smooth, creamy mint bar!
Buttermilk 48% Milk Chocolate 69g
Awarded a Silver in the 2019 International Chocolate Competition, this is a creamy and decadent dark milk chocolate bar. The cocoa beans are Peruvian and add a fruity flavour to the bar. 
Mexico Milk 51% Dark-Milk Chocolate 69g
The 2018 Gold Winner at the NW Chocolate Festival, this dark milk bar is creamy and smooth with natural flavour origin notes of hazelnut and fruit.
Mexico 70% Dark Chocolate 69g
All organic ingredients, this bar with cacao beans grown in Mexico has flavour notes of citrus and fruits. A creamy texture, melt in your mouth experience!
Chigorodo, Columbia 70% Dark Chocolate 69g
A limited edition, single origin bar with cacao from the Chigorodo region of Columbia, is rustic with natural, sweet honey flavours. As a limited edition bar, it's intended to offer a unique chocolate experience.
Arauquita, Columbia 70% Dark Chocolate 69g
A second limited edition artisanal bar from Columbian cacao with very different flavours than Chigorodo! This is a bold bar, with many flavours playing in and out! Strong notes of raisin and dried fruits, tangy and creamy with a lovely melt.
Dak Lak 70% Dark Chocolate 69g 
Not shown in the photo above due to its recent arrival, this is the newest limited edition bar from Finnia. Cocoa beans from the Dak Lak region in Vietnam, this bar has beautiful fruity flavours with notes of clementine, plum, grapefruit and a hint of coffee.
Honduras 70% Dark Chocolate 69g
Unique flavours of caramel and almond, we love pairing this bar with Catena Malbec red wine! Both the chocolate and the wine are full bodied and rich in flavour. The wine is fruity and spicy and the Honduras bar adds another dimension of flavour with its sweet and nutty notes.
Canadian Maple 80% Dark Chocolate 69g
Ahh, maple! This is the Honduras bar, with its' flavour notes of almond and caramel, sweetened with organic maple sugar. A customer favourite!
Nicaragua 90% Dark Chocolate 69g
Our newest bart from Finnia and it's spectacular! Firslty if 90% intimidates you, don't let it. This bar is surprisingly sweet for 90%, the texture is smooth and creamy and the flavour notes are a very interesting combination of green banana, kiwi and coffee.
The Sweet & Salty Canadian 60% Dark Chocolate 50g
The fruity notes of Peruvian chocolate from the Ucayali River region sweetened with Canadian maple sugar and sprinkled with maple flakes. Sounds good, eh?
The Sweet & Spicy Columbian 70% Dark Chocolate 49g
Columbian cacao from the Chigorodo region with their sweet honey notes are combined with Columbian golden berries and cayenne pepper!