The Ultimate Milk Collection

There's something about a well crafted milk chocolate bar that is undeniably a little piece of heaven. We're not talking candy bars here. We're talking bean to bar hand crafted milk chocolate bars with a higher cocoa content for rich chocolate notes. 

SOMA's Twinkle Bar - a salted caramel bar also know as Caramel AF - is  sweet, melt in your mouth, how can this be, kind of bar. Sprinkled with flaky salt from the Newfoundland Salt Company to give it some crunch and a shot of Madagascar vanilla for just a little more flavour to love, this caramel milk bar is the bomb.

Finnia's Buttermilk bar is milk chocolate of another kind. The bar is 48% cacao and 21% Buttermilk, making it creamier, smoother and a little lighter than dairy. This award winning bar is a creamy, decadent dark milk chocolate.

AMEDEI Toscano Brown Latte was the first milk bar in the AMEDEI collection and is made with a special blend of milks. A nod to childhood memories with its creamy, vanilla flavour of milk and cream.

The Omnom Sea Salted Almonds is an incredible combination of Madagascar cocoa beans and nuts. The cocoa has strong berry notes and is sprinkled with a generous scattering of almonds and a touch of sea salt - a true fruit +nut bar.

Hummingbird Mocha Milk is a new bars from our local chocolate maker. Made with Peruvian cacao and infused with roasted coffee, this 60% dark milk bar is perfect.

Ch'abil by Sirene Chocolate is the highest coca content in this collection. Guatemalan cacao and Guatemalan cardamom are partnered to create this very unique bar with added cocoa nibs for crunch.