The Ultimate Milk Collection

There's something about a well crafted milk chocolate bar that is undeniably a little piece of heaven. We're not talking candy bars here. We're talking bean to bar hand crafted milk chocolate bars with a higher cocoa content for rich chocolate notes. 

Zotter Labooka Caramel bar is a rich slightly sweet milk bar with caramelized milk, a high cocoa butter content, and a sprinkling of vanilla and cinnamon. Flavour profile of a caramel biscuit with milk and cinnamon.

Finnia's Mexico Milk  bar is a rich dark milk bar with 51% cacao with high cocoa butter content, giving it a creamy texture and caramel like taste. Natural flavour notes of hazelnut and citrus combined with caramel.

SOMA Chocolate Maker's Starry Night s made with Dream Machine, a buttery, creamy milk chocolate create by blending various cacao origins. Crunchy sea salt from  the Newfoundland Salt Company makes for a perfect sweet and salty bar.

Ever been to Sweden? If so, you know the flavour combinations of Svenska Kakao Coffee Break bar is a classic favourite.  This 52% milk bar with its inclusion of cinnamon and coffee is a nod to the tradition of "Fika" - the morning break of coffee and cinnamon buns. 

Hummingbird Dark Milk 60% is a single origin cacao from Columbia and referred to as Dark Milk due to the high cocoa content. This bar has sweet notes of plum and honey and a creamy, dreamy texture!

Sirene Dark Milk 65% is the highest coca content in this collection. Single origin cacao, the bar is described as a dark bar with milk added for flavour! It adds a delicious creamy textures to the incredible cacao beans used to make this bar.

* Please note we have temporarily  changed the assortment with the replacement of Amedei Hazelnut with Sirene Dark Milk.