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Oh Canada! - Dark

A collection of award winning dark chocolate bars; all made by Canadian chocolate makers!

Desbarres Chocolate was the 2019 Winner of the International Rising Star Award at the Academy of Chocolate in London, UK. The bar we have included is their Kilombero Tanzania 72%, the 2019 Gold Winner at the Academy, because it’s smooth creamy texture and caramel notes make us swoon.

Hummingbird Chocolate is a multi-award winning chocolate maker, winning 9 awards for this bar alone, including the Golden Bean in 2016, making it the best bar in the world in that year! We have a soft spot for this bar - it’s a customer favourite, it’s locally made and it’s fantastic on its own as well as when paired with port, red wines, scotch and cheese!

ChocoSol’s Jaguar Swirl is a sensory experience like none other! They say we eat with our eyes so look at the beauty of this bar, with the albino cacao swirled into the dark chocolate. The combination of cacao and albino cacao creates a sweeter than expected flavour and the process of stone grinding adds a gritty texture. It’s no wonder this bar has been an award winning bar every year at the International Chocolate Awards since 2016!

SOMA waited 12 years to get their hands on Porcelana cacao beans! This is a rare and beautiful bean and chocolate makers revere it for its extreme delicacy, rich aroma and its perfectly balanced flavour notes. As SOMA points out, it is “often referred to as the holy grail of cacao.” Take in more of the story SOMA tells on the packaging of the bar and enjoy this limited edition, beauty of a bar.