Finnia Chocolate & Cocoa

Finnia Chocolate & Cocoa

I was first introduced to Lisabeth in 2012, through her blog The Ultimate Chocolate Blog. We were just starting out with our new store and constantly reading about the world of chocolate. Lisabeth’s mission resonated with us and became a really good resource for sourcing bean to bar makers new on the scene. What started out as a blog about all things chocolate soon became mostly about bean to bar chocolate, as Lisabeth worked her way through tasting the wares of many chocolate makers, many of whom were Canadian. We’re thankful for all the great chocolate makers she brought to our attention who subsequently became part of our collection.

While writing the blog, Lisabeth was also running her own business, called Ultimately Chocolate and it was all about chocolate - cakes, pastries and other baked goods. Her focus gradually moved more and more into the bean to bar world and has become what she concentrates on the most.

Finnia Chocolate from JoJo CoCo, Ottawa, Canada

Fast forward to today, Lisabeth has a business partner and her company has a new name, Finnia, after her two children. Her passion is for dark chocolate but she includes both white and milk chocolate bars in her collection. Her Buttermilk bar, as well as the Mexico Milk are customer favourites and have been included in a few of our curated collection boxes. She enjoys experimenting with new cocoa beans so we often get new bars to add to the line up. Currently the new ones are made with cocoa beans from two different regions in Columbia. My personal favourite is Honduras…because it pairs beautifully with Catena Malbec wine and I love pairing chocolate with wine!

Finnia is in the process of setting up in a new location but is still based on Manitoulin Island. The new space will allow Finnia to keep growing, working with new cocoa beans and have a retail store front. We congratulate them on their growing success and wish them much luck with this venture!

These are the current bars of Finnia bean to bar chocolate at JoJo CoCo!