Amedei, Tuscany

Amedei, Tuscany

The creation of Amedei Chocolate is an intriguing story. They are a world renowned chocolate making company with 85 National and International awards for their bars. The bars are available in 30 countries and they have over 30 years experience making chocolate. So, how did they get there?

The company was founded by Cecilia Tessieri and her brother Alessio, in 1990. Cecilia entered a male dominated industry and was determined to make her mark. She was also determined to put Italy on the map for excellent chocolate that surpassed the quality of chocolate produced in France! A BIG goal.

“Quality comes from rigour, knowledge, respect and wonder.” - AMEDEI

This declaration clearly defines how the co-founders went about accomplishing their goal.

The two spent 7 years studying, learning, researching and traveling. They learned the art of chocolate making used long ago, before mass production became a way of working for many chocolate companies. They understood that the quality of the cacao bean was key to the excellence of their bars and as such, they traveled the world seeking the best cacao beans, never settling for “bulk” beans and always securing the fine flavour beans, such as Porcelana
and Chuao. They safeguarded the supply of these beans by paying farmers up to three times more than asking and then gaining exclusivity to these cacao beans.

Amedei, Tuscany Chocolate

The company was founded in 1990 but produced its first creation, the Toscano Black 70%, in 1998. Another 10 years pass and AMEDEI wins their first Golden Bean award from the
Academy of Chocolate for the Toscano 63% bar. Interestingly, both bars are blended rather than single origin. Their intention with these bars is to blend cacao beans of various origins to create perfectly balanced, flavourful bars.

AMEDEI continued to add to their line up. A CRU line of single origin bars were added, as well as milk chocolate and inclusion bars. Their reputation of excellence has grown and their bars never disappoint! Thus the large number of awards they have earned.
We love using their fruit bars to pair with wine. The Toscano Blond is beautiful with select white wines, while the Toscano Red is insanely delicious with many reds. The Toscano Brown, a creamy milk chocolate, is a customer favourite.

In 2014 Cecilia declared she was the first woman to be given the designation of Master Chocolatier. She had worked on her craft for 24 years to learn and master chocolate making, and traveled the world to find the right cacao beans for her recipes to produce fine flavour bars. Dedicated to the craft, and to the country, the co-founders of AMEDEI have certainly achieved their goal!

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