Zotter of Austria


Strawberry Fruit Bar 70g
There are so many fresh strawberries in this bar it's red in colour! Pure fruit pleasure, extremely aromatic, fruity and sour, and a great melting sensation.
Raspberry Fruit Bar 70g
This fruity red chocolate gets it colour from the intense amount of raspberries used to make it! The flavour fo raspberry jam and a touch of lemon.
Black Current Fruit Bar 70g
All the currents in this bar make it shine purple. Cocoa butter, raw cane sugar and and abundance of black currents for a sweet and smooth bar.
Milk Chocolate Dark Style: 70% Cocoa / 30% Milk Bar 65g
A lot of cocoa, a lot of mountain milk, extremely fine cocoa butter and real vanilla make this sugar free bar a smooth, not too sweet treat.
India 70% Dark 70g
A single origin very chocolatey dark bar with flavour notes of cherry jam, plum puree, peach and spices.
Belize 72% Dark 70g
A single origin bar with notes of caramelized nuts, condensed milk, malt and blackberries.
Guatemala 75% Dark 70g
A single origin bar with notes fo spices, berries, stone fruit and watermelon.
Bolivia 90% Dark 65g
A single origin rare cocoa bean, this high cocoa content bar is rich in flavours of coffee, nuts and lingonberries.
Peru 100% Dark 65g
Single origin beans from Oro Verde, Peru that are mild in flavour intensity and perfect for a 100% bar. Cocoa in its purest form - bitter, astringent and exciting.
Madagascar 100% Dark 65g
Single origin, organic cocoa beans from Madagascar with flavour nites of red berries, roasted nuts, wood, cream and coffee. A roller coaster of intense flavours!