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Zotter of Austria


Strawberry Fruit Bar 70g
There are so many fresh strawberries in this bar it's red in colour! Pure fruit pleasure, extremely aromatic, fruity and sour, and a great melting sensation.
Raspberry Fruit Bar 70g
This fruity red chocolate gets it colour from the intense amount of raspberries used to make it! The flavour fo raspberry jam and a touch of lemon.
Black Current Fruit Bar 70g
All the currents in this bar make it shine purple. Cocoa butter, raw cane sugar and and abundance of black currents for a sweet and smooth bar.
Caramel Milk Bar 70g
Mountain milk whose milk sugar is caramelized to develop a wonderful caramel flavour, is combined with cocoa butter and muscovado sugar for delicious caramel chocolate.
Nicaragua 50% Milk Chocolate 70g
A well balanced bar with milky creaminess and strong cocoa and nutty flavours notes of the Nicaraguan cocoa bean.
Milk Chocolate Dark Style: 70% Cocoa / 30% Milk Bar 65g
A lot of cocoa, a lot of mountain milk, extremely fine cocoa butter and real vanilla make this sugar free bar a smooth, not too sweet treat.
Nicaragua 70% Dark 70g
A dark bar with a flavour notes of roasted nuts, caramel, malt and dried fruit.
India 70% Dark 70g
A very chocolatey dark bar with flavour notes of cherry jam, plum puree, peach and spices.
Bolivia 90% Dark 65g
A rare cocoa bean, this high cocoa content bar is rich in flavours of coffee, nuts and lingonberries.
High End 96% Dark 65g
Made with Peruvian cocoa renowned for its history and terroir, conched for 34 hours and sweetened with coconut blossom sugar, this bar has an amazing taste. Spicy with notes of nuts and red fruits.
Peru 100% Dark 65g
Single origin beans from Oro Verde, Peru that are mild in flavour intensity and perfect for a 100% bar. Cocoa in its purest form - bitter, astringent and exciting.
Madagascar 100% Dark 65g
Single origin, organic cocoa beans from Madagascar with flavour nites of red berries, roasted nuts, wood, cream and coffee. A roller coaster of intense flavours!