Zotter Handscooped Bars


What's a "handscooped bar" you might wonder. These bars are the genius creation of Josef Zotter, founder and chocolate maker at Zotter, Austria. When Josef started making bean to bar chocolate he wanted his bars to stand out from the rest. Instead of pouring chocolate into molds he created a new way of making bars. A single layer of bean to bar chocolate is first poured and rolled into a thin layer. Then layers of flavours over flavours are added one on top of the other, with the number of layers dependent on the recipe for the bar. Each filling/layer is made from scratch. Once completed the bar is then completely coated in white, milk or dark chocolate. The bars are packaged in the original artwork of Zotter's team to represent the bar's flavours.

Whisky + Caramel + Pecan 70g
Dark chocolate filled with whisky caramel ganache and pecan praline. A bar to relish slowly: the Whisky leaves a distinct flavor and underlines the dry, acidulous taste of the dark chocolate with its smoky aromas. A perfect combination completely in line with the Scottish tradition.

Whisky 70g

Elegant & dominant: David Gölles’ Styrian whisky has a starring role in a chocolate ganache made with dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and a bit of caramel couverture. This elegant, powerful whisky, distilled from regional spelt and matured for years in oak barrels, has a beautiful spice and sophisticated notes of grain on the palate alongside echoes of vanilla and roast aromas of chocolate and coffee. The perfect chocolate buzz, covered in delicious dark chocolate.

Champagne + Raspberries 70g
Dark chocolate with a 70% cocoa content, filled with a chocolate ganache and enhanced with the finest champagne distillate by Fleury. It’s accompanied by a fruity-pink raspberry ganache, its very berry flavour and stunning colour derived entirely naturally from many raspberries.

Fig & Port 70g
Figs in port are a timeless classic, to which we add the delicate taste of maple sugar. Zotter flows the port into a creamy, dark port ganache, and add bits of fig that have been marinated in port for a fruity and crunchy surprise. Covered in 70% dark chocolate, and sweetened only with maple sugar!

Orange Liqueur 70g
A temptation. This Milk Chocolate creation is enfolded by orange liqueur while marinated and grated orange peel in a finely stirred butter-cream ganache provide the fruity note.

Cognac + Coffee 70g
French Cognac fills the dark chocolate ganache with a rounded and intense taste. Because the Cognac finishes with notes of roasted coffee, the coating fittingly consists of coffee chocolate, using Zotter’s own beans, roasted in-house. Zotter’s Arabica coffee beans come from the Mexican and Columbian highlands.

Yuzu Citrus from Japan 70g
Part tangerine, part lime with a wicked flavor of sun-ripened tangerines – that’s Yuzu, the top chefs’ new trendy ingredient. White chocolate, Yuzu juice from Japan, lovely tangerine and a bit of lemon juice to create a fruity, refreshing chocolate ganache that tastes like summer sun.

Salted Caramel 70g
Dark chocolate and salted caramel - so good!  In the French manner: salted caramel is a French specialty, consisting of a candy-caramel layer elevated with a pinch of salt and a wonderful, tender-melting almond praline layer enhanced with a bit of dark chocolate and some salt crystals, coated in a wafer-thin layer of milk chocolate

Raspberry 70g
Looks great and tastes even berrier: a fruity-pink raspberry ganache, its juicy berry flavor and stunning color derived entirely from natural raspberries. Very fruity, refreshingly tangy with a fascinatingly authentic berry flavor. Enveloped in a wafer-thin white chocolate layer and covered in fine dark chocolate with 70% cocoa content.

Brown Butter Toffee 70g
For this bar, Zotter made their own unique brown butter chocolate by caramelizing butter with milk powder without adding sugar. It is the base for our brown butter couverture, which we turn into a seductive toffee layer by adding caramel couverture, liquid brown butter, honey, and milk. Finally, we covered it with milk chocolate with 50% cacao content. Caramelly – soft –simply yummy!

Amarena Cherry 70g
In an Amarena-Macarena mood: a fruity Amarena cherry filling with little chunks of Amarena cherries that we’ve let steep for a while at our own pastry kitchen, enhanced with a cherry couverture, a bit of marzipan and genuine vanilla and covered in a wafer-thin layer of white chocolate.