Zotter Handscooped Bars


What's a "handscooped bar" you might wonder. These bars are the genius creation of Josef Zotter, founder and chocolate maker at Zotter, Austria. When Josef started making bean to bar chocolate he wanted his bars to stand out from the rest. Instead of pouring chocolate into molds he created a new way of making bars. A single layer of bean to bar chocolate is first poured and rolled into a thin layer. Then layers of flavours over flavours are added one on top of the other, with the number of layers dependent on the recipe for the bar. Each filling/layer is made from scratch. Once completed the bar is then completely coated in white, milk or dark chocolate. The bars are packaged in the original artwork of Zotter's team to represent the bar's flavours.

Whisky 70g
Dark chocolate filled with whisky cream, full cream and a touch of vanilla.

Yuzu Citrus from Japan 70g
Mountain milk chocolate filled with Yuzu citrus ganache, made from Yuzu juice and tangerine concentrate, and a hint of vanilla and cinnamon.

Salted Caramel 70g
Dark chocolate and salted caramel - so good! This bar also includes almond praline and ginger.