Vaka Craft Chocolate


pecan pie 60% dark chocolate (vegan and gluten free)

Vaka spins a batch of Peruvian cacao along with toasted Chase pecans into a dark pecan bar, seasoned with single origin royal cinnamon; crunches of toasted caramel pecans and cacao crumble throughout. 

bananas foster 54% dark chocolate (vegan and gluten free)
Vaka's take on the classic: Peruvian 70% dark and a batch of freeze dried banana 38% white swirl together during tempering and blanket with caramelized banana bitty-bits. 

pumpkin spice brownie 54% dark chocolate (vegan and gluten free)
A layered bar: Nicaraguan Chuno 70% is the first layer, snuggle in brownie crumblets, topped with a layer of pumpkin & spice, then layered with 38% white layer blanketed with toasted cacao crumb.

The following  five bars are 20g bars - perfect for a small indulgence!

cookies & cream white chocolate (vegan and gluten free)
Vaka whips up a batch of dreamy-creamy, Mexican vanilla oat chocolate, stud it with their from-scratch-baked chocolate cookie, and mold into this nostalgic childhood favourite of cookies and cream.

waffle crunch dark chocolate(vegan and gluten free) 
Vaka grinds the fruity Nicaraguan cacao and roasted tiger nuts into a dark "milk", studded with their gluten free and plant based waffle, whipped up from scratch.

caffé mocha 56% dark chocolate (vegan and gluten free)
The beautiful pairing of cacao and coffee! Using Nicaraguan Opayo cacao, for its inherent coffee notes, and pairing it with Salvadorian coffee for its pineapple-toffee & floral notes for a superb café mocha!

salted blonde white chocolate (vegan and gluten free)
To craft this bar, each ingredient is roasted separately to bring out the roasty-toasty-cozy flavour notes, then combine them and then refine them to a silky smooth texture. Finished off with sea salt flakes. 

lavender earl grey dark chocolate (vegan and gluten free)
A pairing of delicate and floral Peruvian chocolate with Ontario-grown lavender, black tea leaves, bergamot and orange oil to achieve a dreamy flavour adventure.