Soma Drinking Chocolate

Malted Milk 75g package
Malt powder and warm milk, once popular with Antarctic explorers looking for an energy boost, is the inspiration for this creamy comforting drinking chocolate. Add marshmallows to this ode to the 50's double chocolate malted, sit back and enjoy!
Dark Side 75g package or 200g tin
This is the fuzzy sweater of Soma's drinking chocolate. Warm and comforting with a fudgy aroma that will float you into space. Drink straight up as a shot or add milk or water. Add coffee for a mocha. You do you and make it what you want!
Maya Chili & Spices 75g package or 200g tin
A dark chocolate layered with chili peppers, orange peel, ginger and Soma's special blend of spices. Straight up in a shot it's a spicy cacao punch! With milk, it's creamy and full of complexity and aromatics. Inspired by the ancient elixir of the Mayas.