SOMA Chocolatemaker MILK


Dream Machine 37% Milk Chocolate
Dream Machine is made with cacao from SOMA's favourite farms and growing regions. Let this one melt slowly and enjoy the taste if fresh milk, brown sugar, butter and caramel.
Milk Old School 38% 90g Bar

Simple and pure chocolate made like back in the day. Three ingredients - cacao nibs, milk powder and organic cane sugar - and minimal processing of Chuao Criollo cacao for a cookie like texture and amazing flavour!
Twinkle Bar Caramel Chocolate
Salted Caramel is such a customer favourite! For this bar, SOMA has caramelized the sugar and as it melts in your mouth you get the delicious flavour combination of  sugar and milk. The bar is then sprinkled with sea salt to add both crunch and a flavour twist for a sweet and salty treat.
Starry Night Milk Chocolate
Made with creamy, buttery milk chocolate, this bar is finished with a twinkle of crunchy sea salt from the Newfoundland Salt Company.
Brown Butter Rum Bar 
Brown butter, chocolate and rum - an amazing trio of flavours. The cacao is this bar is grown on Bachelor's Hall Estate in Jamaica, with flavour notes of cashew, honey, cherry and...rum. The rum is "Dark Waters" is a single barrel release by Kinsip Distillery in Prince Edward County. And the brown butter is the rich, toasty, nutty masterpiece of Soma. (contains alcohol)
Minty Bar 51% Dark Milk Chocolate
A beautiful blend of cacao from SOMA's favourite farms and growing region, this dark milk bar is buttery and delicious. The chocolate is a perfect base for the addition of spearmint. Tasting notes of mint, brownies and caramel.
Vanua, Fiji 55% Dark Milk Chocolate
The Mataswalevu Cocoa Farm is reviving the cacao industry in Fiji. Their farm grows Amelonado cacao and these special beans are imparted with the flavour of Fiji's unique terroir. Flavour notes of caramel, malt, honey and chocolate. 
Salted Licorice Caramel 
The licorice in this bar grows wild in Calabria, making it a sweet and aromatic licorice and considered the purest in the world. The licorice is infused into a creamy milk chocolate laced with caramel and Newfoundland sea salt. A beautifully balanced bar.

All bars are 65g except Old School is 90g