SOMA Chocolatemaker WHITE


Raspberry 33g bar
An intensely tart bar with so many fresh raspberries the cocoa butter takes on the hot pink colour of the fruit! 
Mango Lassi 33g bar
Fermented yogurt for tanginess, mangos for sweetness, this bar is inspired by the mango lassi makers in India. A bright, rich, creamy treat!
Mango Chili 33g bar
Inspired by Thai fruit markets, this mango bar has "a ridiculous amount of mangos, a squeeze of lime, Thai chili, Aleppo pepper and salt". 
Roasted White Chocolate 65g bar
This bar will take you to roasting marshmallows at the campfire on a summer night. A Canadian summer tradition. 
Lemon Poppyseed 33g bar 
Tangy, custardy lemon chocolate spiked with blue poppy seeds. Creamy and bright with a lemony zing.