Qantu Chocolate


Gran Blanco 70% Dark, Piura, Peru
Using rare white cacao beans creating its unique pale colour, this creamy dark chocolate first reveals intense notes of honey, then slowly melts into a delicate flavour of citrus. Academy of Chocolate Gold Winner 2018.
Morropon 70% Dark, Piura, Peru
With one third white cacao beans, this complex bar is a round dark chocolate with notes of cherry, plum and red berries. Academy of Chocolate Golden Bean Winner 2018, Gold Medal 2019.
Chuncho 70% Dark, Ayacucho, Peru
Created with cacao beans from tremendous wild trees over 60 years old, this delicate chocolate proves its nobility combining floral and nut tasting notes. Academy of Chocolate Golden Bean Award and Gold Medal 2018.
Chaska 70% dark, Junin, Peru
Heirloom cacao found in the heartland of Peru, near the majestic mountains of Junin region. Its powerful aroma of roses combined with flavour notes of figs and dates. Academy of Chocolate Gold Winner 2019.
Bagua 70% Dark, Amazonas, Peru
The Amazonian forest protected these unique cacao beans for centuries. They create a bar with jasmine and orange blossom aromas combined with a slight touch of lemongrass, giving way to a gentle caramel finish. Academy of Chocolate Gold Winner 2018, International Chocolate Silver and Bronze Awards 2019.
Chuncho 100% Dark, Ayacucho, Peru
The delicate, soft flavour notes of these cacao beans make them a perfect choice for a 100% bar. No sugar, no other ingredients, pure chocolate. Academy of Chocolate Gold Winner 2018.
Peppers Dance! 70% Dark Chocolate
Cacao from La Mar, Ayacucho, Peru spiced up with three different peppers. The famous Peruvian yellow pepper (Aji Amarillo), the tasty Ancho Rojo pepper, and a touch of Chile Arbol hot pepper. International Chocolate Silver Award 2017.
Maple & Maras fleur de Sel 60% Dark Chocolate
The sweetness of the cacao beans from La Mar, Ayacucho, Peru pairs perfectly with the pure maple sugar. Add in the Maras fleur de sel and the bar becomes a tribute to the caramel fleur de sel! Academy of Chocolate Bronze Medal 2018, International Chocolate Silver Award 2019.
Silk Road 70% Dark Chocolate
The base is Chuncho cacao beans, with their floral, figs and date flavour notes. Infused with many spices - rose ginger, cassia, cardamom, white pepper, fennel, star anise, long pepper, Sichuan pepper, saffron and clove - this bar will take you to the tastes and flavours of the Middle East. Academy of Chocolate Bronze Award 2019.

All bars are soy and gluten free. May contain traces of milk and nuts.