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Newfoundland Chocolate Boxed Assortment


All the boxes of chocolates by the Newfoundland Chocolate Company come with a story about the collection and pay homage to Newfoundland's history, land or people.

200g boxes 15 pieces

Please call the store for specific ingredients. May contain dairy, nuts, soy, gluten.

Quiet Cove
Milk chocolates with caramel, nut and berry fillings. Dedicated to the resilient, beautiful and charming communities dotting the coastline and bays of Newfoundland and Labrador. Places which grew from such humble beginnings - a stage, a church, a smattering of saltbox houses - but which have persisted over centuries. They are both heartland and home. 

Smiling Land
A selection of milk, dark and some white chocolates, each featuring a berry centre.
Dedicated to Newfoundland's remarkable natural beauty: its crashing surf, snow-capped mountains, lush green valleys, deep forests and breathtaking vistas of land and sea.
Jigs n' Reels

A mix of white, milk and dark chocolates with caramel, fruits, and nut centres. A melodic tribute to the music of Newfoundland. To some songs we sing, to others we dance and to a few, we shed a tear. Together they create the soundtrack of Newfoundland's story.

Dark chocolates with caramel, nut and berry fillings. Dedicated to the centuries old iconic beacons of home, that stand watch over thousands of kilometers of Atlantic shorelines, guiding fishermen to safe harbours and warm hearths.

A mix of white, milk and dark chocolates with the inclusion of caramel and a variety of nuts. Dedication to the bold adventurers who charted the wild waters and mapped the rugged Newfoundland of North America's eastern edge.

Rum Runners and Rogues
A fine liqueur selection with milk, dark and some white chocolates.  With flavours, like Strawberry Daiquiri, White Russian, Baileys and Caramel, a chocolate Tequila shot with salt and Piña Colada, this is the perfect celebratory gift! Dedicated to Newfoundland's host of colourful characters: pirates and politicians, rum runners and ruffians, shady businessmen and all-out miscreants. Some are named for true pirates while other, more contemporary figures are included as a tip of the hat to a few lovable rogues who helped make Newfoundland what it is today.  So raise a glass to the Rum Runners and Rogues of Newfoundland!