McGuire Hot Chocolate


Tis the start of the season for enjoying hot chocolate! 

McGuire Chocolate offers two options for your drinking pleasure.

Hot Cocoa is a single origin cocoa powder made with cacao beans from Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania. The cocoa is transparently sourced, natural cocoa powder, and delivers a more flavourful chocolate drink than commonly processed cocoa powders. Natural cocoa powder is less refined, retaining the flavour of the cocoa origin and is more nutrient rich than processed powders. Heat 1 cup of water, milk or milk alternative and then add 2 heaping tbsps (40g) of cocoa. Package will make 5 servings.

McGuire's Signature Drinking Chocolate is a single origin dark chocolate that was crafted specifically to be the ideal drinking chocolate and is served at McGuire's Chocolate café in St. Andrews, New Brunswick. Heat 1 cup of water, milk or milk alternative and then add 3 tbsps (25g)  of cocoa, whisking vigorously. Or, use less milk for a thicker drink.