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McGuire Chocolate Company


NEW!!! White Chocolate Carrot Cake 43%
A Limited Release bar made with 43% cacao butter for a creamy texture and buttery flavour notes. Carrot, pecans and spices with touch of sea salt added make this the absolute dessert bar. Carrot cake - yes please! (not in photo).

NEW!!! White Chocolate Latte Bar 43%
A Limited Release bar of espresso white chocolate. Cacao butter and coffee from Peru designed to taste like a latte. (not in photo)

NEW!!! Peanut Butter, Banana, Sourdough 56% Dark Chocolate
A Limited Release bar that reminds us of the classic sandwich! Vegan friendly.

Tanzania 70% Dark Chocolate
Made with single origin cacao beans grown in Kokoa Kamili Mbingu Village, Tanzania, this is a vibrant chocolate with notes of sweet citrus and coffee. 

NEW!!! Bourbon Dark Chocolate 75% 
A pilot project with a short production run, so grab it while it's here! Kokoa Kamili cacao beans are soaked in Bulliet Bourbon from Kentucky. The bourbon has flavour notes of vanilla, apple, sweet spice and smoky oak. You're going to love this flavourful bar! (not in photo)

All bars are 50g, soy and gluten free. Dark bars are vegan. Cocoa beans and cane sugar used is certified organic.