Lakrids by Bulows


Lakrid's creates a Danish confectionery of gourmet liquorice combined with chocolate and delivers unexpected and exceptional flavours. 

A The Original 125g
The one that started it all! The combination of sweet liquorice, milk chocolate and liquorice powder is instantly additive!
B Passion Fruit 125g
Sweet liquorice coated in white chocolate and passion fruit. The acidity of the fruit, with the sweetness of the chocolate and the ability of the liquorice to unite them gives them the perfect bite! Sweet and sour in a crunchy shell.
C Coffee Kieni 125g
Nothing beats a good coffee! Lakrids uses Coffee Collectives coffee beans from the small community of Kienei in Kenya to blend with liquorice and milk chocolate. The roasting profile of the coffee has fruity and floral notes, perfect for partnering with the sweet liquorice and chocolate.
D Salt & Caramel 125g
Lakrid's D is the winning combination of sweet liquorice and caramelized dulce chocolate flavoured with crunchy flakes of sea salt. Irresistible - it's impossible to have just one! 
E Salmiak 125g
A daring pairing of white chocolate and a salty liquorice core! As the creamy white chocolate melts, small pockets of raw liquorice powder emerge, making for a perfectly balanced sweet and salty experience.

Gluten free