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Lakrids by Bulows Selection Boxes


Lakrid's creates a Danish confectionary of gourmet liquorice combined with chocolate and delivers unexpected and exceptional flavours. At the core is black liqourice wrapped in white, milk or dark chocolate and additional flavours.

The Winter Selection 375g
NEW!!! Another beautiful presentation of Lakrid's liqourice. This bronze box includes 8 different flavours of chocolate and liqourice. The Original (Danish black liqourice coated in dark milk chocolate), Salt & Caramel, Christmas (butter cookie), Salty Caramel, Raspberry, Fruity Caramel, Snowball (salt & pepper) and Crispy Caramel.
The Black Box Selection 375g
This stunning box is a wonderful assortment of 8 different combinations of chocolate coated liqourice.  The Original (dark milk chocolate coated black liqourice), Passion Fruit, Coffee, Salt & Caramel, Raspberry, Salmiak, Milk Chocolate, and Salty Caramel. A beautiful gift or a wow presentation for your guests.

Gluten free