FJÅK Sjokolade


FJAK is the first bean to bar chocolate maker in Norway, all organic and ethically sourced ingredients. Our assortment consists of Limited Edition bars, some from the Nordic Collection that highlight Norwegian flavour profiles and single origin bars with flavourful profiles. All bars are 100% organic.

Limited Edition Bars
Waffles & Brown Cheese 
is a caramelized white chocolate bar with brown cheese, waffles and strawberries. Large pieces of Norwegian waffles combined with dried strawberries the back of this bar. It represents an iconic Norwegian food of  waffles served with brown cheese and topped with strawberry marmalade.
Mountain Tripis a creamy milk chocolate bar with 50% cacao from Hispaniola, Dominican Republic. This fruity cocoa is then sprinkled with bits of orange and salted, caramelized almonds for a crunchy texture. 

Nordic Collection
50% Milk Blueberry
 is made from Madagascar cacao grown on ÄKESSON'S Bejofo Estate in Sambirano Valley renowned for growing fine flavour cocoa beans with notes of red berries and citrus. This bar is a creamy milk chocolate with Nordic blueberries and a hint of vanilla.
45% Milk & Brown Cheese is a rich and creamy milk bar. This multi award winning bar is created with cacao from Pisa, Haiti and brown cheese from Undredal, Norway. This high quality fruity chocolate is combined with Norwegian goat cheese, and salted with Nordic Salt from North Sea Salt Works.
45% Milk Nibs & Oak Smoked Salt is made with the fruity, richly chocolate cacao from Pisa, Haiti. A generous sprinkle of dark cocoa nibs and oak smoked salt from Bodø, Norway give the bar its crunchy texture.
50% Milk Liquorice Root & Salt is a creamy milk chocolate made with cacao from Lachua Guatemala, Nordic liquorice root and a pinch of North Sea salt .

Single Origin 
50% Milk Uganda
is a round milk chocolate with flavour notes of caramel and nuts.
68% Dark Indiais another award winning bar of velvety dark chocolate with strawberry and floral notes.  The cacao is from the Idukki region of India through GoGound, an organization established to pay a premium price to farmers directly for wet beans that they then ferment and dry, lessening the farmers post harvesting work and ensuring consistent flavour quality and traceability. VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE
70% Dark Ugandais a round dark chocolate with notes of nuts and tobacco. Made with cacao beans from the Semuliki Forest, in the  Bundibugyo Region in remote West Uganda, home of Africa's most diverse floral and faunal wildlife. Semuliki cacao is grown by over 1000 organic, small holder farmers, of which 52% are women and sold fresh weekly for cash at point of sale, to Latitude Trade Co, who collects, processes and exports the cacao. VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE
70% Dark Madagascaris a bold dark chocolate full of character, with rich notes of sour cherries and citrus. This multi award winning bar is made with cacao from ÅKESSON'S Bejofo Estate in Sambirano Valley, Ambanja, long known and revered for the flavourful beans grown there.