Easter by Jacobean Chocolate


Jacobean Chocolate is a bean to bar chocolate maker in Newfoundland. All their chocolate is dairy, soy and gluten free, offering a lovely assortment of eggs and bunnies in many flavours of chocolate!

Ruffles Bunny is made with silky coconut milk chocolate bedazzled with red and purple cocoa butter! 

Daisy Bunny, the winner of a Bronze Award in 2020 from the Academy of Chocolate, is a white chocolate work of art, with the flavour explosion of strawberries and coconut milk.

Mini Bunny Rascals are available in 3 options. 10 bunnies per bag - perfect for hiding.
Mini Bunny Rascals - Variety is an assortment of fruit chocolate bunnies
Mini Bunny Rascals - Milk Chocolate made with creamy coconut milk
Mini Bunny Rascals - Dark Chocolate are 70% dark chocolate made with Vietnamese cocoa beans from the Dak Lak region with fruity flavour notes.

Mini Eggs are available in 2 options, each bag contains 10 eggs - perfect for sharing.
Mini Eggs - Nuts is an assortment of roasted hazelnuts in coconut milk chocolate and roasted almonds in 70% dark chocolate.
Mini Eggs - Variety has 6 fruit flavoured eggs and 4 dark single origin eggs.