Debarres Limited


Ghost Pepper Lightning is an invigorating 72% Dominican cocoa with a touch of ghost pepper heat. Ghost peppers are among the hottest peppers and Desbarres has grown them for this bar. Not for the faint of heart!

Foggy River Mint  is a 72% bar made with a blend of Madagascar and Tanzanian cocoa. Classic peppermint from Foggy River Farm is infused into the chocolate for a clean minty bar.

Desbarres has created an Apricot Bergamot bar. Bergamot infused 72% single origin dark chocolate with dried Niagara apricots.

Monte Grande Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt. These beautiful beans from Guatemala have natural notes of honey and caramel are combined with sea salt and milk. (not in photo yet)

Caramel Crush, a 72% dar dark bar riddles with bits of decadent caramel crunch and Newfoundland sea salt. (not in photo yet)

All bars are 38g.