Zotter of Austria


Fine White Chocolate 70g
A white chocolate with just a little bit of sugar - 40% pure cocoa butter, 35% mountain milk and 25% raw cane sugar. Instead of a sugar bomb, this is a beautiful white chocolate enhanced with Bourbon vanilla.
Caramel Chocolate 70g
A sweet bar made with caramelized milk, lots of cocoa butter, mountain milk and Muscovado sugar, which has a natural caramel flavour and a pinch of salt. Tastes like a caramel bonbon! Tasting notes of caramel, biscuit, milk and cinnamon.
Coffee Chocolate 70g
Created by roasting and grinding Arabia coffee beans from Columbia, Mexico and Peru and combining them with cocoa, cocoa butter, raw cane sugar and milk powder. A touch of vanilla, salt and cardamom complete this bar with flavour profile of café latte, toffee and cream.
Strawberry 70g
Cocoa butter soaked in strawberries for a very fruity bar! Flavour notes of Strawberry preserves with a little caramel and lemon in the there!
Dominican Republic 40% Milk Chocolate 70g
A sweet and milky bar, mild notes of cocoa with a balanced nutty-fruity character.
Milk Chocolate Dark Style: 70% Cocoa / 30% Milk Bar 65g
A lot of cocoa, a lot of mountain milk, extremely fine cocoa butter and real vanilla make this sugar free bar a smooth, not too sweet treat.
India 70% Dark 70g
A single origin very chocolatey dark bar with flavour notes of cherry jam, plum puree, peach and spices. VEGAN
Nicaragua 70% Dark 70g
A single origin chocolate with tasting notes of roasted nuts, malt and caramel with hints of cream and subtle notes of jammy dried fruit: berries and raisins. VEGAN
Opus 5 72% Dark 70g
Multiple and rare cocoa varieties blended together for an amazing flavour profile. Beans from Guatemala, Tanzania, Dominican Republic, Togo and Ghana each offering a different taste. Roasted individually and then mixed together to produce a chocolate cuvée with fruity accents, sweet cherry and cream.
Madagascar 100% Dark 65g
Single origin, organic cocoa beans from Madagascar with flavour nites of red berries, roasted nuts, wood, cream and coffee. A roller coaster of intense flavours!