Svenska Kakao, Bean to Bar Chocolate


Our newest line of international chocolate, let us introduce you to Svenska Kakao from Sweden!

Coffee Break 52% Dark Milk
A Swedish classic combination of cinnamon bun and coffee in 52% dark milk chocolate. It's Fika time!
Licorice 55% Dark Milk
A generous amount of the purest Italian licorice is combined with a rich 55% dark milk chocolate.
Dom. Rep. 70% Dark Chocolate
Cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic, Öko Caribe, 2021 Harvest give this bar balanced notes of honey, red berries and nuts.
Cardamom 71% Dark Chocolate
Using the fruity flavour of Dominican Republic Öko Caribe cocoa beans, this bar gets the addition of warm and spicy cardamom.
Uganda 72% Dark Chocolate
The cocoa bean origin of this bar is Semuliki Forest from the 2020 Harvest. Fruity notes of banana bread, orange and cinnamon shine through.
Bourbon Aged 72% Dark Chocolate
Cocoa beans are aged in bourbon whiskey and then made into the chocolate for this bar. Notes of oak cask, honey and orange are dominant. Cheers!
Tanzania 74% Dark Chocolate
Lots of flavour notes in this dark chocolate! Beans from Kokoa Kamili's 2020 Harvest, with jammy notes of plum, cherry, raisin and sour apple! 

All bars are gluten free, contain no vanilla or lecithin and are made with fair and sustainable sources.