Sirene Chocolate, BC, Canada

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Caramelized White
Made with the extracted cocoa butter from cocoa beans, this bar has only whole milk an organic cane sugar added. The finished white chocolate is then oven-roasted to caramelize the added sugar and the milk’s inherent sugars to give it a lovely roasted caramel colour and flavour.
Dark Milk 65%
Sirene wants to be clear. This is NOT milk chocolate. This is dark chocolate with milk added as a flavour! The milk adds a delicious creamy texture, but it's the beans that steal the show.
Costa Esmeraldas 65% Dark Milk
Entirely owned and managed by the Salazar family, the single estate Costa Esmeraldas plantation in Ecuador has been growing and elegant cacao bean on reclaimed pastures. This high percentage dark milk bar highlights the the creaminess of milk and elegance of cacao.
Mocha 65% Dark Milk
Collaborating with Discovery Coffee in Victoria, BC, Sirene combines their Rock Bay Blend with Sirene's Lachua, Guatemala Dark Milk chocolate. The result is a bar distinctly reminiscent of a Mocha. 
Ch’abil 65% Dark Milk
The magnificent cacao grown in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala is the base of this dark milk bar. The bar uses the cardamom grown in the same region as the beans, with a bit of crunchy cacao nib added for texture. A multi award winning bar.
Mayan Spice
The chili mix used in the bar arose from the need for Q’eqchi Mayan travellers near Cahabon, Guatemala for a paste that could be transported easily when traveling. It is then mixed into a 73% Lachua, Guatemala dark bar. Award winner at the Northwest Chocolate Festival in 2018.
Fleur de Sel
When you mix Ecuadorean cacao beans with pure salt from Canada’s west coast, you get a deliciously salty crunch with the perfect melt of chocolate on your tongue.
Lachua, Guatemala 73% dark
In the lush, mountainous region of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, the indigenous Q’eqchi Maya farmers who grow magnificently fruity and intense cocoa beans. A multi award winning chocolate. 
Tingo Maria, Peru 73% dark
A multi award winning bar, the flavourful cacao beans in this bar are from the Ucayali River deep in the Amazon jungle. Starting with a carpal flavour, it evolves into a mouth filling fruit.
Soconusco, Mexico 73%
This Limited Edition bar has evolved into part of Sirene's ongoing collection. In Soconusco the farmers of Rayen who grow these beans are dedicated t preserving the rich genetic diversity of their heirloom beans. Fruity flavour notes and fudgy mouthfeel has quickly made this bar a customer go to!
Pataxte 65% Dark Chocolate, Oaxaca, Mexico
If you're looking to try something different in your chocolate, this is the bar for you!Pataxte is a cousin of Theobroma cacao, and likely not a chocolate you are familiar with. When you unpackage this chocolate you will find a bar pale in colour. It's creamy and soft in texture and looks and tastes nothing like traditional chocolate. Hard to work with, it has largely been ignored by the mass producers (very time consuming!).  Almost looking like white chocolate, don't be fooled - there is no dairy in this bar, just Pataxte beans, organic cane sugar and cocoa butter! (not in the photo yet!)
Piñole 73% Dark Chocolate Soconusco, Mexico
Made from cacao beans from Rayen in Soconusco, this bar is sprinkled with Piñole, an ancient mixture of roasted heritage corn and panela (brown sugar). Flavours of coffee dominate while the soft fruits of the cacao shine through. (not shown in photo).
India 73% Dark Chocolate
At Sirene they regularly encounter interesting cacao beans and intriguing combinations of flavours and spices. The cacao in this bar is from the beautiful farms of Anamalai Plantation in Pollachi, India, a newcomer to the world of fine cocoa. This is what intrigued us as we have very few bars made with cocoa from India. There is a smooth milkiness to this bar with a sweet edge and some interesting spice notes.
Madagascar 70% Dark Chocolate 
Many bean to bar chocolate makers work with cocoa beans grown in Madagascar but this is the first time for Sirene. These beans have a very fruity flavour profile, with some citrus detected, and it's this berry flavour profile that makes these bars so delicious! 
Not for the faint of heart or the chocolate tourist, this is pure cocoa, no sugar added. Award winning bar made with Ecuadorian cacao.

All bars are 60g.
Gluten, soy and nut free. May contain dairy.