Kad Kokoa


Single origin Thai chocolate sourced from 4 farms of different regions in Thailand, where the chocolate makers work directly with the farmers. Bars crafted with passion and a desire to bring the fineness of Thai chocolate to the international scene. 

Chumphon 70% Dark 
Chumphon is a region in southern Thailand., where Kad Kokoa works with Horticulture Research Centre with post-harvesting know how in order for the farmers to improve their production techniques. The cocoa beans have robust chocolate notes with lighter notes of grapes and red berries.
Chantaburi 70% Dark
The province of Chantaburi is located in east Thailand, bordering Cambodia. The cocoa beans grown here have very unique flavour characteristics. Tasting notes of tropical fruits - pineapple, mango and passion fruit  and a hint of brown sugar. The bar has a creamy honey-lemon body and is already a customer favourite!
Prachuap Khiri Khan 70% Dark
Located in the narrowest part of southern Thailand, the province is famous for its pineapple and coconut plantations. The cocoa beans have a unique flavour - bright fruitiness, very citrusy and intense mouthfeel, smooth floral aftertaste.
Chiang Mai 70% Dark
Organic cocoa beans from a private plantation are made into this craft bar. Slight floral notes, a delicate exotic fruitiness in the background of a strong earthy body.
Chantaburi's Pepper Dark Chocolate
Thailand's famous Chantaburi pepper brings a spicy kick to the dark chocolate. An experience of the savoury combination of Chantaburi's terroir.
Salted Tamarind Dark Chocolate
Tamarind is a tropical fruit with flavour that ranges from sweet to sour to tart and tangy. This bar is inspired by the sticky tamarind popsicle, spiked with sale and chili, a popular treat in Thailand. The balance of tangy, salty and spicy pairs so well with the delicate bitterness of the chocolate.
Shiso Seeds Dark Chocolate
This award winning bar has mildly toasted seeds that add crunch to the bar as well as help to develop the long lasting peppery aftertaste, similar to pan-roasted nuts.
Salted Caramel 58% Dark Chocolate
Kad Kokoa makes their caramel slightly darker than others and adds a smooth fleur de sel to give an umami flavour to the caramel. Blended then with locally sourced sugar, the salty caramel is partnered with a 58% dark Thai chocolate for a unique bar.
Thai Milk Tea Dark Milk Chocolate
Combining locally grown semi-wild black tea version of Assam known as Bai Miang with their chocolate, Kad Kokoa creates the aroma of Thai Tea Chocolate drink. Spice like anise and orange blossom along with black tea make this a very flavourful bar!