Hummingbird Chocolate


Dark Milk 60%
A super creamy, rich single origin cacao dark milk bar.
Maple 65% Dark Cacao
Rather than cane sugar, Hummingbird is using local maple sugar to sweeten this dark bar.  Fulton's maple sugar and Hummingbird chocolate, an ultra Canadian bar!
PB & Joy 65% Dark Cacao 
In 2018, this bar won gold at the Academy of Chocolate and continues to be a customer favourite. The fruity Dominican Republic hispaniola cacao beans make the base for the roasted and ground peanuts, giving the bar a flavour reminiscent of the classic PB and Jam combo.
Mayan 68% Dark Cacao
Ugandan cacao gets spiced up! A little bit of cinnamon, nutmeg and chili add some heat.
Fleur de Sel 70% Dark Cacao
The berry flavour of the cacao from the Dominican Republic is paired up with sea salt from the Vancouver Island Sea Salt.
Cap-Haitien 70% Dark Cacao
This single origin bar is bursting with fudgy chocolate and bright raspberry flavour notes.A smooth long finish, the flavour lingers for awhile.
Zorzal 70% Dark Cacao
The cacao in this bar is grown in a bird sanctuary in the Dominican Republic. The sanctuary is the winter home of the Zorzal, a songbird native to eastern Canada and threatened with extinction. The cacao is a means to support the sanctuary. The bar is meant to please your palate and warm your heart. Notes of apricot and pecan in this smooth dark bar.
Tumaco 70% Dark Cacao
A group of young farmers in the region of Tumaco, Columbia are reviving cacao farming to fight poverty and drug violence in their country. Hummingbird considers it a privilege to work with these delicious beans and create a single origin bar with tasting notes of plum, whisky and honey.
hispaniola 70% Dark Cacao
The bar that shot Hummingbird to fame, the bar that was awarded the Golden Bean at the Academy of Chocolate in 2016, the bar that was dubbed the "best chocolate in the world"...need to know more??? Lovely berry flavours with hints of raisin and cherry that pairs beautifully with port wine, if you haven't tried this bar yet, you're missing out.
hispaniola 85% Dark Cacao
Also an award winning bar made with the same delicious beans that are renowned world wide for their quality and flavour, this bar pushes the cacao content up for a dark, rich, smooth bar with fruity flavour notes.

All bars are 60g, soy free, gluten free.