SOMA Chocolatemaker DARK


Old School Dark 66%  90g bar
Simple and pure chocolate made with 2 ingredients. The crunchy cookie texture of partially ground cacao nibs and whole sugar crystals in this bar make it a customer favourite!
Starry Night 62% Dark Chocolate
Made with SOMA's Dream Machine dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt from the Newfoundland Salt Company, this bar is rich in flavour, crunchy in texture, and deliciously sweet and salty. 
Dark Fire 66% Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate from the blended Dream Machine and a whole lot of flavour infusions gives this bar a lot of kick! Chili, ginger, cinnamon, orange peel, allspice and vanilla work beautifully with this rich roasted brownie-like chocolate.
Ruby Red Bar
A rich dark chocolate with whole cherries, barberries and cranberries generously sprinkled on top, along with sumac and vanilla beans.
Mr. Salazar Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador 70% Dark Chocolate
Costa Esmeraldas is a single estate family farming growing cacao as well as oranges, limes, plantain, bananas, guayaba and papaya, which help reduce erosion on the steep terrain. The cacao beans are Nacional-Venezolano.  The bar has flavour notes of lemon, bread, cherries, balsamic vinegar, brownies and green bananas, as varied as the farm itself!
Vanua, Fiji 70% Dark Chocolate
The Mataswalevu Cocoa Farm is reviving the cacao industry in Fiji. Their farm grows Amelonado cacao and these special beans are imparted with the flavour of Fiji's unique terroir. Tasting notes for this bar include honey, grapefruit and chocolate.
Stratus 70% Dark Chocolate
Roasted cacao nibs added to an oak barrel filled with residual yeast and grape skins provided to SOMA by Stratus Vineyards in Niagara. The nibs are well mixed into the lees and stay there for 3 months, with the occasional stir! The wine infused cacao is then ground, refined and conched resulting in an experimental bar with subtle notes of Status wine.
Bachelors Hall, Jamaica 70% Dark Chocolate 
Bachelor Hall Estate is nestled between the majestic Blue Mountain and John Crow Mountain and fed by two fresh water springs. Desmond owns this farm, left to him by his grandfather, and the cacao growing there originates from seedlings originally transplanted from Trinidad in the 1800s. Surrounded by coconut palms, the cacao grows naturally, without the use of fertilizers. Tasting notes of cashew, honey, cherry, wood and rum, this bar is beautiful on its own and great paired with a Shiraz wine.
Creole Gardens, Haiti 70% Dark
Creole Gardens refers to dense tangles of vegetation less than an acre in size, forming mini-forests. The smaller cacao trees are shaded by the larger coconut, mango and avocado trees that tower over the gardens. This Haitian bar has flavour notes of apricot, lemon and jasmine.
Porcelana, Venezuela 70% Dark Chocolate
A rare cacao, often referred to as the holy grail of cacao, and definitely a limited edition! These precious beans are from the region south of Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela. Soma gives them a gentle roast and conch to expose a chocolate of extraordinary and complex flavours with delicate tasting notes. "Quiet & mighty". 
Guasare, Venezuela 70% Dark Chocolate
After their discovery and some research it was found that the Guasare Criollo plants were unlike typical Criollo in that they were disease resistant and produced fruit pods in three years. Complex heritage Criollo flavours, easier to grow with a higher yield and huge plump seeds. Tasting notes are cream, malt, cacao, coffee, tamarind, figs.
Crazy 88%  Dark Chocolate
A dynamic extra dark bar artfully blended from three cacao origins, one in Peru and two in Ecuador. The result? A bar with so many flavour notes it will make you crazy! Tastes of black tea, balsamic vinegar, fresh cream, lemon, jasmine, apricot and toast.

All bars are 65g except Old School is 90g