Olivia Chocolatiers, Quebec


Vegan White
Your bar eating experience starts with the exotic taste of coconut with infused tangerine. A cream white bar made with coconut as a replacement for dairy milk.
Creamy-Coco Chocolate
Organic coconut, organic cocoa beans and the Olivia process delivers a smooth, dairy free milk chocolatey bar. 
Raw Creamy-Hemp Chocolate
Made from the super-nutritious, omega-3-rich seed milk of raw hemp and raw cocoa beans, this bar has tasting notes of hazelnut milk chocolate without the milk and completely nut free.
No Sugar Added
A dark chocolate bar sweetened with whole dates, an organic high fibre fruit that adds sweetness to the bar without the need for sugar.
Chai Choco-Latte
Spices, 53% cocoa and coconut are this bar's main ingredients. Ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, cayenne pepper give this dairy free bar some kick!
Maple Flakes 76% Dark
Dark Peruvian cocoa sprinkled with flakes of maple sugar.
Vegan Caramel & Sel
Very excited to announce the newest addition to the Olivia line of vegan chocolate - Salted Caramel!!! Olivia 76% has done raw with generous chunks of vegan salted caramel to take this classic traditional combination to new heights!
Raw 76% CRU Dark
Made with unroasted organic cocoa beans this is sweeter than expected due to Olivia's process. It's more comparable to a 66% bar without the added sugar!
Raw 86% CRU Dark
Made with unroasted organic cocoa beans this bar is completely void of astringency and has a softer taste than expected in an 86% bar.
Raw 92% Maple CRU Dark
A uniquely rich and pleasant, yet softer taste than roasted cacao, completely void of astringency and sweetened with a touch of pure organic maple sugar. 
Raw 100% CRU
This bar has intense complex flavours from cocoa in its raw natural state. Completely unsweetened - no sugar, no sweeteners - just pure cocoa.

  50g bars
All bars are vegan, soy free, gluten free, dairy free and nut free