McGuire Hank Series


Big Booty Hank 52% Milk Chocolate
This award winning bar is created with cacao beans from Nahua, Costa Rica, known for their sweeter taste -  perfect for a milk chocolate bar. The high cocoa content gives the bar a rich chocolate aroma and flavour and the addition of milk and cocoa butter make it a creamy smooth taste and texture.

Hanky by the Sea 52% Salted Milk Bar
A recent winner of a Silver Award at the Academy of Chocolate. Made with the same Costa Rican cocoa beans in Big Booty but with a sprinkling of Atlantic sea salt. (not shown in photo). 

Hanky Panky 57% Spicy Milk Chocolate
Self described as Too Hot to Handle is exactly right! Made with single origin Madagascar cacao from BEJOFO Estate, the dark milk bar is then heated up with Madagascar bird's eye chili for an intensely spicy bar! 

Peanut Hank 62% Dark Chocolate
Guatemalan cacao, with its fruity notes and intense flavours is an excellent partner for the natural peanut butter. Reminiscent of peanut butter and jam! Caramelized salt adds a little flavour twist.

Señor Hankito 70% Dark Chocolate
A single origin cacao from the farmers of Adioesmac near Cahabón, Guatemala gets the spiced up with smoked chili from Cobán. The complete Guatemalan taste experience with cacao nibs added for crunch. 

Buccaneer Hank 70% Salted Chocolate
Recognized at the Academy of Chocolate Awards in 2020 with a Bronze Award, this bar is created with single origin cacao beans from Arhuacos, Columbia. Flavour notes of raisin and dried fruit are enhanced with sea salt. (not in photo)

Vegan Hank 55% Oat Milk Chocolate
Vegan Hank captures the taste of an oatmeal raisin cookie in a chocolate. Delicious and nutritious.

All bars are 50g, soy and gluten free