CÓCÓ Chocolate, Kingston

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London Fog 50% Milk Chocolate
Like having a cup of tea with your chocolate, this bar is an excellent balance of bergamot flavour from the Earl Grey tea, milk and Peruvian cocoa.
Raspberry Tea 60% Dark Chocolate
The raspberry tea infused into this chocolate intensifies the natural tangy notes in the cocoa beans.
NEW!!! Beer Bar 60% Dark Milk Chocolate
CÓCÓ has partnered with MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Company to create this unique bar. A farm based brewery, the MacKinnons have renovated barns and planted hops and malted barley to their 200 year old family farm in Bath, Ontario. From there they produce a beer that has the unique character of rural Canada.  CÓCÓ uses their hops and malt in this dark milk bar with notes of caramel...and beer of course! (not show in photo yet)
70% Peruvian Chocolate
The cocoa beans are from Ucayali River Cacao, a central fermentary that buys wet beans from small farms in an effort to give the local farmers a market to sell their beans, as well as improve the quality of the bean's flavours through proper drying. These beans have flavour notes of mocha, cedar and a tangy edge to them.
Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar 70% Dark Chocolate
An award winning bar with an interesting combination of flavours that enhance each other! The tanginess of the cocoa bean plays well with the balsamic vinegar. The sweetness from the raspberry is an excellent partner and makes for a sweet and tart chocolate. 
Strawberry & Champagne 70% Dark Chocolate
The champagne effect is created with carbonated sugar rather than alcohol and the chocolate actually bubbles as you eat it! So much fun and such great flavour with the addition of strawberries. Truly a taste and textural chocolate experience.
Achill Island Sea Salt 70% Dark Chocolate
The flaky, light all natural sea salt in this bar is hand harvested off the island in Atlantic waters. The texture and flavour of this salt makes it a favourite for us and when we pair it with Tickler Cheddar it's an amazing duo.

All bars are 40g, soy and gluten free (except the Beer bar)