Allo Simonne

Allo Simonne

We’re so happy to finally have Allo Simonne’s incredible hazelnut and chocolate spread in our store. It’s been a long time coming!

Just to back up, I first heard about Allo Simonne in early 2019. They had launched their company in 2017 and focused on chocolate spreads, which were quickly admired by anyone who tried them, and I very much wanted to add this chocolate to our store. In March of 2020 I was planning a visit to Montreal and reached out to Quentin and Vincent , co-founders of Allo Simonne, to arrange to meet.

We set a date. March 17, 2020.

Needless to say, that meeting never took place. In November of 2022 I finally had the opportunity to try Allo Simonne at the Ottawa Chocolate Show and was blown away! And so here we are, almost exactly three years after our initial contact and these jars of delicious hazelnut and chocolate spreads are on our shelves!

Allo Simonne was launched in 2017, in Montreal by co-founders Quentin Ryckaert and Vincent Coja. Inspired by a grandmother who was passionate about travel, good food and chocolate, these two founders focus on creating the best quality chocolate spreads. Using bean to bar chocolate of specific origins, freshly roasted hazelnuts, and all natural ingredients they have have developed a line of chocolate hazelnut spreads with various other flavour inclusions. Gluten free, no peanuts, no added oil or preservatives, and vegan options available, these award winning spreads are what you want on your breakfast table!

In 2021, with time on their hands based due to store closures and low orders, Allo Simonne decided to create a new product, the “Barre à croquer 01”, which then led to “Barre à croquer 02” and then to “Barre à croquer 03”! We love the style of these bars! Each is a twist on the classic Gianduja bar, with its size, format and ingredients. These large beautiful bars are meant for sharing. Served on a small platter they are a unique presentation and the perfect dessert to offer to complete the meal.

The bean to bar chocolate that Allo Simonne uses in all their chocolate spreads, bars and bark is made by a Quebec bean to bar chocolate maker. Focusing on single origin Jaguar cacao, an albino cacao with a sweeter taste than other origins and Zorzal cacao, grown on the Dominican Republic bird plantation that supports the Zorzal bird sanctuary sanctuary, these two cacaos are each used on their own or blended for some of the chocolate spreads.

The hazelnuts are sourced from Oregon, where the climate is ideal for growing the world’s best and highest quality hazelnuts. These organic nuts are roasted in house and used in all the chocolate spreads, bars and barks Allo Simonne produces.

The quality of ingredients, combined with the lack of ingredients found in other spreads, such as added oils and preservatives, speak volumes to the flavour, taste and quality of Allo Simonne’s chocolate spreads. Recognized by the International Chocolate Awards in both the Canadian and World competitions, numerous flavours have achieved Silver and Gold awards.

Here is the current stock of Allo Simonne chocolate spreads, the hazelnut bark, and the praline chocolate