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Olivia Chocolatiers, Quebec


PLEASE NOTE: Since taking this photo we have added more bars to our assortment so we have included their descriptions here and made them available to purchase.

Vegan White
Your bar eating experience starts with the exotic taste of coconut with infused pineapple. A cream white bar made with coconut as a replacement for dairy milk.
Creamy-Coco Chocolate
Organic coconut, organic cocoa beans and the Olivia process delivers a smooth, dairy free milk chocolatey bar. 
Raw Creamy-Hemp Chocolate
Made from the super-nutritious, omega-3-rich seed milk of raw hemp and raw cocoa beans, this bar has tasting notes of hazelnut milk chocolate without the milk and completely nut free.
No Sugar Added
A dark chocolate bar sweetened with whole dates, an organic high fibre fruit that adds sweetness to the bar without the need for sugar.
Chai Choco-Latte
Spices, 53% cocoa and coconut are this bar's main ingredients. Ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, cayenne pepper give this dairy free bar some kick!
Maple Flakes 76% Dark
Dark Peruvian cocoa sprinkled with flakes of maple sugar.
Vegan Caramel & Sel
Very excited to announce the newest addition to the Olivia line of vegan chocolate - Salted Caramel!!! Olivia 76% has done raw with generous chunks of vegan salted caramel to take this classic traditional combination to new heights!
Raw 76% CRU Dark
Made with unroasted organic cocoa beans this is sweeter than expected due to Olivia's process. It's more comparable to a 66% bar without the added sugar!
Raw 86% CRU Dark
Made with unroasted organic cocoa beans this bar is completely void of astringency and has a softer taste than expected in an 86% bar.
Raw 100% CRU
This bar has intense complex flavours from cocoa in its raw natural state. Completely unsweetened - no sugar, no sweeteners - just pure cocoa.

  50g bars
All bars are vegan, soy free, gluten free, dairy free and nut free