Santa Maria Estate, Trinidad

Santa Maria Estate, Trinidad

Have you ever been to Trinidad?

Trinidad is a beautiful island in the Caribbean and home to Mrs Myrtle Ward. Mrs Ward and her husband bought the Santa Maria Estate in 1976, where they brought up their family, raised animals and farmed various crops.

The early 1990’s were a difficult period in Trinidad. The Wards estate was all but lost and faced terrible debt. During this time, Mr Ward passed away and Mrs Ward was forced to sell much of the estate to pay off the debts. She managed to keep the original cacao estate, including the house, and worked hard to maintain the property for many years.

In 2016 she turned her attention to renovations on the estate house and maintaining the cacao trees. She learned how to tend to the trees and see the harvest grow. She improved her bean quality with each harvest…and then came the storms.

The rains destroyed most of the crop in 2018. But Mrs ward, with the help of many, worked every day to save what she could and ended up with a small amount of beautifully fermented and sun dried beans.

Enter Christine Blais, chocolate maker supreme and owner of Palette de Bine, who received most of these precious beans and created the 2019 silver award winning Trinidad Mrs Ward Estate 70% bar.

Flavour notes of herbs and spices, this bar, like all of Palette de Bine bars, is simply 2 ingredients: cocoa and organic cane. No soy, gluten, dairy or nuts.

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