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Just for the Holidays by Zotter


At Zotter Chocolate in Austria, they create the Mi-Xing Collection of beautiful chocolate for each celebration and season. For Christmas they have added hearts and stars beauties to the collection. This a gift that is sure to wow the person on your list who loves chocolate and appreciates the beauty of art. We received a very limited number of each of these and once their gone, they're gone!

Star with Cinnamon 100g
A star shaped base of dark bean-to-bar chocolate with cinnamon filling. Decorated with 2 raspberry hearts, roasted hemp, green tea leaves and splint cacao nibs. A swirl of apricot couverture and white chocolate complete this masterpiece!
Heart with Sweet Fir Tree 100g
A dark milk chocolate heart made with bean-to-bar chocolate and full cream. Centred with a swirled Fir Tree of white and milk chocolate decorated with cacao beans in raspberry couverture and crunchy passion fruit. Two caramel vanilla stars, cocoa nibs and cinnamon apples for finishing touches.
Star with Hazelnut Brittle VEGAN 100g
A 70% dark bean-to-bar chocolate filled with hazelnut brittle. Each point of the star is elegantly decorated with vegan ingredients. Two gingerbread moons made with coconut milk and crisps. A swirl of coconut couverture creates a flower shape and each of the other points include roasted hemp, gojiberries, cornflakes rolled in cocoa powder and green tea leaves. A feast for the eyes and the taste buds!