Wicked Dark

The Wicked Dark collection is for those with a passion for pure chocolate - no sugar, no dairy; just naked chocolate in all its glory!

Qantu's 100% Chuncho bar is made with Ayacucho cacao from Peru. These beans are a great choice for a 100% bar, as they have mild acidity and lovely flavour notes of nuts and floral.  A Gold Winner at the academy of Chocolate in 2018, this is a  smooth bar and a naturally mild flavour enhanced by Qantu's ability to draw out flaovurs

AKESSON’S single plantation bar is made with cocoa from his own farm in Madagascar, the Bejofo Estate. The fine flavour of the criollo bean, along with the berry, citrus and cocoa flavour notes, result in a tart and fruity 100% bar. There’s a little extra cocoa butter added in this bar, contributing to the bar’s initial easy melt.

100% Gratitude by ChocoSol Traders is a stone ground bar made with a blend of cocoa beans from Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico and Ecuador resulting in a unique and flavourful chocolate. The stone ground process also gives the bar a more rustic texture, adding to the uniqueness.

Sirene’s 100% bar comes with a warning on the package - “Not for the faint of heart or the chocolate tourist…” which we love and really, it sums up most 100% bars. The beans are from the Costa Esmeraldas Plantation in Ecuador. The flavour of these beans is described as roasted nuts, floral and light fruit with a strong base of chocolate. This bar’s excellent flavour was recognized and awarded Silver by the Academy of Chocolate in 2018.