Vegan - Beyond Plain Dark

Vegan Chocolate Fans rejoice! There are more options than plain dark bars that our store customer are happily discovering. In this Collection box we offer four delicious bars that are dairy free (along with being gluten, soy and nut free) that go beyond plain dark chocolate.

Kasama Raspberry White Chocolate
A bar handmade in Vancouver, this award winning white bar is made from Peruvian cacao butter and a boatload of dried B.C. raspberries. No dairy, just 3 ingredients - cacao butter, 20 berries and unrefined cane sugar! Crimson in colour and bursting with ripe berries, and the 2022 winner of a Silver award at the International Chocolate Competitions America!

ChocoSol Traders Mon Cherry D'Amour 65% dark chocolate
Definitely a customer favourite, we can't get enough of this bar! Made with ChocoSol's Vanilla Sea Salt bar embedded with dried cherries, there's cherry in every bite. The cherries are sourced in Quebec and sweetened with cane sugar. The perfect balance of tangy sweetness!

Raaka Pink Sea Salt  71% dark chocolate
Salted chocolate is a classic favourite. This bar is made with unroasted cacao from Reserva Zorzal in the Dominican Republic. Sweetened with cane sugar and maple sugar and sprinkled with Peruvian pink sea salt, this vibrant and savoury bar hits all the right notes! (also organic and Kosher).

Olivia No Sugar Added Dark Bar
Sweetened with organic, high fibre dates, with no sugar added! Amazing taste and creamy smooth chocolate. This experience is your plant based Alkaline healthy indulgence.  Made with all organic and the simple ingredients of cacao, cacao butter, dates, unsweetened coconut and non GMO sunflower lecithin. (also Kosher Pareve)