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Spring Sunshine

Spring is heading our way! The days are getting longer, the sun is melting away the snow and we're inspired by the colours and feelings of spring. Warm and bright, yellow and green - welcome to the new season.

Zotter's Labooka Bouquet of Flowers
A package of 2 bars, the first is an Almond Praline with Roses. Homemade almond nougat made from roasted and caramelized Spanish almonds and white chocolate sprinkled with rose petals. The 2nd bar is Cashew Praline with Flowers. Handmade cashew nougat enriched with dried daisies, marigolds and cornflowers. Spring Flowers are here!
SOMA Lemon Poppyseed
Tangy, custardy lemon white chocolate spiked with crunchy blue poppyseeds. Creamy and bright with a zesty lemon zing. No matter the weather outside, rain or shine, this bar will brighten your day!
Omnom Dark Milk of Tanzania 65%
You can almost feel the warmth of the sun coming from the organic Tanzanian cocoa beans. Creamy and such a smooth melt, this bar has fudgy and brownie flavour notes with a hint of pear.
Marou Mekong Kumquat 68% Dark Chocolate
Cocoa beans from the Tien Gian province in Vietnam, with their naturally warm spicy notes, it's the perfect partner for the bright citrus orange flavour of the kumquats grown in the same region.
AMEDEI Toscano Blond 63% Dark Chocolate
A dark chocolate with the unusual combination of finely chopped peaches and apricots throughout. We love this bar paired with Moscato D'Asti white wine. A refreshing pairing to bring in spring!
Firetree Phillippines Mindanao Island 73% Cocoa
Rich, volcanic chocolate. Cocoa grown in the lush volcanic hills of Mindanao Isalnd, just 10 degrees from the equator.  These superior beans and Firetree's talent for making chocolate combine to create a bar with citrus, honey and caramel notes for a gentle yet rich taste.
Sirene Coastal Rainforest 73% Dark Chocolate
Fantastic flavourful beans from Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania, form the base of this bar. The added ingredients are a nod to B.C.'s rich ecosystem where the forest and the ocean often impact each other, creating an abundance of food. Currants are added to this fruity chocolate, smooth kelp is layered in and all is overlaid with a rich umami from the morels. Jump start your spring with this truly unique Canadian bar!